Mirror Work – An Access to a NEW YOU

Mirror Work-An Access to a New You-WORLD PEACE BY 2020-CHARLESCRAWSHAWMirror Work: AN ACCESS to creating a NEW YOU

Many of you will know I started my personal development in October 1993 when I participated in The Landmark Forum in Sydney, Australia. This entry-level weekend, consisting of a Friday, Saturday and Sunday followed by a Tuesday night, opened me up to a world I never knew; in the domain of “what I didn’t know that I didn’t know; indeed my BLINDSPOTS!

Wow, what a revelation to DISCOVER and UNDERSTAND why I was the way I was at the fine old age of 30 when I started this adventure. I recall having one of my first insights, regretting how I never had come across this education when I was YOUNG.. say 18 years old versus the 12 years later. How much heartache would I have saved with many of my relationships and how much “laser focus” I would have gained to pursue what was important to me instead of conforming, settling for second best etc….Still, what it allowed me to see and understand was all those thoughts of….”AAAH No wonder I…….” and yes, it had me complete the past 30 years of my life such that, on the Sunday of the course, I was left with a BLANK CANVAS where I could create a future for my life that inspired me.

Moving forward, I undertook some of landmarkwordwide.com’s senior programs including The Introduction Leaders program and this is where I came across MIRROR WORK. The six-month course developed me in many ways, including “Learning to present myself more effectively and speak powerfully to large groups of people”. We undertook all sorts of tools and practices and then one day, we were introduced to an exercise that invited us to BE 10 TIMES MORE EXCITED (in front of the mirror!) What does that mean? What does that look like, I hear you ask? Hmmm…sounds silly I hear you say or how do you “be 10 times more excited?” Great question!

MIRROR WORK (and 10 times more excited!)

Everyone is different and how I did it was to lock my eyes to my eyes (in the mirror) and then shake madly, still engaging my eyes with myself…….vigorous trembling, moving from side to side and all the while, locking my eyes. I pulled odd, funny, sad, and crazy faces at myself, all the while with eyes “zeroed in” on myself. IMPORTANTLY I noticed and observed all the THOUGHTS I had about myself…how I looked, this is silly, this is funny, this is hard, what am I doing, what is the point and so on. WHAT EVOLVED, however, over the six months of this extraordinary leadership course, was a slow yet powerful ability to BE WITH MYSELF, no matter what I was doing in the mirror.

What this has allowed for me is an EXCELLENT BREAKTHROUGH in FULL SELF EXPRESSION. Today, whenever I meet new people, I know I have “expanded and strengthened my skills in leadership and communication” and that I am able to “generate conversations that powerfully call people into action”.

Give It A Try! (and Pass It On!)

If each and every one of you reading this; can recall some time in your childhood, where you really engaged in an activity that you loved, with perhaps “not a care in the world”, then maybe you will gain access and revisit that cherished moment of being fully self-expressed. GO TO A MIRROR (perhaps alone at this stage!) and try on BEING 10 TIMES MORE EXCITED with yourself, making sure your eyes are locked in with yourself. Notice your thoughts and consider that “doing mirror work” is a wonderful way of reviewing your childhood’s full satisfaction and gives you access to developing a NEW YOU. Why not share with me what happened and the NEW YOU OCCURING?!

New You Occuring

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  1. UPDATE:
    15 September 2000, whilst in the middle of my second Introduction Leaders Program in Auckland, New Zealand, I was able to produce being:
    10 TIMES MORE EXCITED on National Television:


    At the end of this course, I was declared a “Global Citizen” and received my first ever STANDING OVATION from my fellow participants.


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