PROMISE: A completion of one, demonstrates power 15 of 36

Promise-A Completion of one, Demonstrates Power-15 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020

Hah, how fortunate that I am into my second Wisdom Unlimited program run by Landmark Worldwide here in 2019. Why? Well, with all the training and development I have accomplished so far (over 10 years), what has been revealed to myself, now age 56, is the inquiry into: “Adult as Possibility”. With that comes the word: PLAY!

So, on the 15th September 2019, I HONOURED MY PROMISE, made exactly 19 years to the day. I took National and HASHTAG flags, The World Peace by 2020 flag and banner, 15 Bounce Boots and a SONY Broadcast camera. This was my Peace Ceremony, as declared on national news in Auckland, New Zealand. Indeed, on the 15 September 2000: TVNZ New: “………..And we are declaring it as the 15th September for the next twenty years when we start the peace ceremonies!” were the very words that came out of my mouth! Yay I honoured my promise.*
15 SEPTEMBER 2000: Sydney Olympics ‘LIVE” Television Interview

NEW Promise: 15 SEPTEMBER 2020: WORLD PEACE BY 2020 PARTIES,(around the World)

With over 2 million visitors each year, the SPIRITUALLY FAMOUS Byron Bay lies at the most Easterly Point of Australia. Its lighthouse is an Australian icon and thousands of hump back whales swim by it twice each year; to give birth up north in Queensland and migrate back south to Antartica, once done.

Byron Bay Main Beach:

From SUNRISE to SUNDOWN on Sunday 15th September, 2019 the Ocean Shores Television camera documented the following:

  1. A symbolic sunrise “running of the flags” including the World Peace by 2020 ones and the Russian, Chinese, French, German and American flags
  2. An impromptu “PARTY ON THE BEACH”                                                             ‘Happy 12 years old birthday party of 12 or so girls ‘treasure hunting’ for “DRESSED IN SILVER” LUCY’. They turned up, put on the bouncing boots and grabbed a flag. Then, and after some coaching, SCREAMED (to camera) ‘World Peace by 2020; Pass It On! YOU’RE IT! What I found remarkable for myself, was when I left them alone; with the camera still rolling and recording. Reviewing the footage afterwards, I was MOVED to TEARS, when these girls generated world peacy conversations and their love for Byron Bay (and the boots!)  A Huge Moment was when LUCY; to camera, and straight after her birthday song was sung to her; SHOUTED “WORLD PEACE TAKE OFF!”
  3. Young tall lanky “Liam”, who was so excited to try these boots for the first time, asked if he could run “THE BAY”, which was up to The Pass and back, a distance of 3.6 km (2.2 miles).

I said: “Sure and will you run this World Peace by 2020 flag as well?”

Liam: “Of course I will!

I honoured my promise and made a new one: To PLAY A GREAT GAME for Lucy’s 13th Birthday concerning all 25 Million Australians. To start, please PUT an ALARM into your phones to ring
EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT AT 7PM (I suggest you call it a “World Peace Take off alarm”)

until Tuesday 15 September arises in 2020. When it rings, listen for others ringing and say OUT LOUD: “World Peace by 15 September; PASS IT ON! YOU’RE IT “If you are in another country, do the same and please let me know! Which one of the 195 countries do you live in? PASS IT ON and TAKE OFF!


Hah, scary I hear you say. “I never say promises I can’t keep!” is a common declaration many people share with me and hey, I got you! I make secret promises to myself, where I can cheat if they don’t turn out, because I have never shared it OUT LOUD with anyone anyway?! Consider it takes courage to declare your promises out loud as, almost immediately, you will be judged: Yes you can, No you can’t etc So does that matter?

Great question! Personally, in my current network of conversations, whenever a friend or associate declares their promise to me, I get a sense that the listening I am providing them is a great clearing for them to share. I so love it as a result, as it gives me an opportunity to support them in their promise, if needed. If you have to make a promise right now, who would it be to and what would it concern?

PROMISE: Broken, now what?

Oops, well you can relax about FEELING GUILTY. Consider there is no power in that hopeless sense of failing to honour the promise. What you may like to know is that you are really addressing YOUR INTEGRITY! It would seem you have a strong relationship with YOUR WORD and making promises, so by not fulfilling on your promise, you have damaged your sense of self?

Well for me, if I break a promise to a friend or associate, I take action by getting into communication, (with the person with whom I have made my promise). I let them know I haven’t honoured the promise. I may then REVOKE the promise or make a new one. Simply put, you will restore your power if you address your broken promises directly with the person(s) concerned. We call it ‘cleaning up’ in Landmark’s inner circle..tee hee. Restores one’s integrity indeed?!

Here is one promise you can count on me.

I promise to PLAY FULL OUT in CAUSING the Best Birthday Party; ever held in Byron Bay, for a 13 year old girl called LUCY who wished WORLD PEACE TAKE OFF one year earlier.

* It was my fire breathers who helped open the Sydney Olympics with the BUSH FIRE element for WORLD PEACE.


COMMITMENT: A Leadership quality that allows for measurement of the cause 14 of 36

Commitment-A Leadership Quality that Allows for Measurement of the Cause-14 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020
COMMITMENT: A Leadership quality that allows for measurement of the cause 14 of 36

Commitment: The state of being dedicated to an activity

Whenever I hear the word commitment, my first thought is that of admiration, as it “oh so easy” to have a non-committal attitude to anything in life, especially if it is in the ‘too hard’ basket. Over the years through my personal development courses taken with Landmark Worldwide, I have really established some true commitments which I know I will carry to my grave. One such commitment is my stand for World Peace by 2020. Over years since, I declared my engagement to World Peace on ‘live television’, what has shown up for me is this sense of certainty for who I needed to be, to fulfill on my stand. What has been obvious too are the moments when I have dropped my stand and not occurred as “World Peacy!”…ooops and hey, minor breakdowns I declare!

Commitment: An obligation that restricts freedom of action

Well, there’s a new angle in the inquiry! I can see that when one is focused and taking action to fulfill on one’s commitment, a loose fluid demeanour may not be the ideal way to achieve the goals of one’s promise. It is with an obligation that one can see openings for actions that align with one’s commitment. One of the outcomes I never saw when I completed the Landmark Forum back in October 1993 was the new domain of a “laser vision”. Indeed, as stated in an analysis of the Landmark Forum made by social scientist Daniel Yankelovich, 89% of 1300 surveyed, reasoned to ‘be more committed/motivated and pursue what is important to them’.

Until one is committed…

W.H. Murray Scottish Mountaineer of Everest has been quoted in several of my seminars as follows:

‘Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred … ‘Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”

I invite you to share your commitments below and be empowered by the courage it takes to share oneself! World Citizen #WP2020


NOTHING: One Access to Transformation where there is NO MEANING 13 of 36

Nothing-One Access to Transformation Where There is NO MEANING-13 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020NOTHING: One Access to Transformation where there is NO MEANING 13 of 36

Oooh, here is one distinction introduced into The Landmark Forum on Day 3 (Sunday) that completely gave me a very new outlook on life. This particular inquiry,( into what it is to be human),  lead us into considering life is empty and meaningless and that it is empty and meaningless. Read more here.

NOTHING as a skill to “BE WITH IT”

Whenever I look at a circumstance in my life where I wish it to be better, different or even disappear, I am so struck by the meaning I have put into the circumstance already. Indeed, in many of the courses I have undertaken through Landmark Worldwide, a common throwaway line is for us, as humans, to consider that we are meaning-making machines! How hard is it to bring NOTHING to my circumstances? All my circumstances have meaning, surely? What I have learned over the years is to distinguish whatever meaning I put into any of my commitments in my life and simply be AWARE OF IT. The mischief I have with it all is my propensity to add meaning!


So if one can dwell in the space of nothing or indeed, no thing , where does one go from here? Well if everything, (with humans) exists in language, then one can say that the access to any power is to be great with one’s word. Indeed, when I participated in the course called Communication: Access To Power, I learned to consider that a powerful human being is one who honours their word. I also learned that making promises, requests, assertions and declarations were also accesses to expanding one’s capacity, through language.


Perhaps the significant way one can inquire into ‘nothing’ is to notice how one listens. When I hear ‘Everything/nothing’ in any conversation I have with people, I then have some capacity to distinguish anything that may ‘get in the way’ of what is being said purely as I have identified I am listening through filters. A great example is when I am confronted by a person who is wearing “LOUD CLOTHING”. How quick am I to have the clothes get in the way of anything the person is saying! Indeed, his or her clothes are doing the speaking (tee hee, as I laugh in recognition as I am guilty of this example!). Maybe this is too simple for our complicated minds and perhaps the gift is to NOTICE, LET IT BE and SPEAK NEWLY?!


STAND: Another Access to Transformation 12 of 36

Stand-Another Access to Transformation-12 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020STAND: Another Access to Transformation 12 of 36

Stand: An attitude towards a particular issue

After I completed my Landmark Forum in October 1993, I discovered that my thought: “My mother and father don’t love me!” was false. I truly believed that they loved my younger smarter fitter brother more. I was embarrassed, ashamed and confronted to even think those thoughts back then! Wow, moments in our childhood can really impact our lives!! OK, well if we are all ‘grown-up’ by around 24 years of age, what was my parents’ childhood like?

Oh, oh, World War II right of both of their doorsteps ,when they were kids. From this insight, I immediately took an inspired stand: To Stop the World Fighting for a Day! I so felt this would be a lovely way to redeem my silliness in my childhood, believing I was ‘unlovable’ and therefore really keeping my parents at bay.

CEASEFIRE PROJECT: The Causing of World Peace (By 2020) through the Use of Fire

This stand started on the 15th September 1995, after my press release to all 5 national television news companies in Australia attracted a Channel 10 film crew to meet some 27 or so fire breathers at the Opera House steps at midnight. Significantly it marked exactly 5 years before the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games and it was performed as a stand for World Peace by those games. Apart from gaining national news, CNN News picked up the story.

How did I find out?

My sister’s 10-year-old son was watching the news on cable television in Brunei when he turned to his father and said: “Dad, its Uncle Charles on tv!”

I then took a stand to perform fire breathing shows every year on the same date and invite the television cameras to document the show and our record-breaking attempts for the greatest number of fire breathers gathered together to perform the shows.

15 September 1997 : Oh oh!

Channel 7 and Channel 10 camera crews showed up at the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at sundown and it was noted we did not have the numbers to beat the 92 fire breathers at the Sydney Opera House Stairs the year before.

I recall being confronted and embarrassed I have gotten the tv crews down and I fell back to my thought that I was a ‘failure’. Indeed, I discovered in the Communication Course: Access to Power, that when I was aged 10 years old, my younger brother got picked for the school soccer team and I didn’t get picked! In that moment, I decided that I was a failure.

Luckily, the ‘ever pervasive past’ thought only lasted for around 5 minutes.

I then gathered the fire breathers together, honoured them for showing up, turned to the camera crews and apologised for the reduced numbers, promising a fire show anyway and requested we all return in exactly two weeks to mark the end of that year’s Olympic Celebration and, true to form, Channel 10 TV News captured the moment when we performed a Fire Breathing Mexican Wave across the Sydney Harbour bridge. The funniest part was the moment when the fire brigade showed up after someone said the bridge was on fire! I have forgotten to inform them!

Stand: A position taken in an argument.

Whenever I declare my stand for World Peace by 2020, there is an ‘immediate’ thought. I often continue with my experiences and potential solutions and ‘off we go’ into the possibilities or indeed resignations concerning the stand. What I have discovered in ‘being a stand ‘is noticing the times when I am not being “World Peace by 2020”.

Indeed, only last Sunday, 15th September 2019, I got into an argument with a friend, who had turned up for the Peace Ceremony and had not fulfilled on her promise to help me film the good moments of the day, (later I saw I was not clear in my requirements).

Interestingly, the Wisdom Unlimited course I am currently engaged in reminds me how often I ‘drop down’ to conversations 7-year-olds have which is in the domain: “Fair/Not Fair!” Using “Adult as possibility”, I saw I was definitely being 7 years old with my friend and that from her point of view she was being fair! Phew, I apologised for not being World Peace by 2020 and our friendship was restored!

How often do we get misunderstood, because we don’t share our stands about ‘the matter at hand’. Suddenly we find ourselves in arguments centered around the matter, where, perhaps, clear boundaries have not been established. Whilst it may not be a ‘common declaration’ to share one’s stands in life, I invite you to consider that whenever you declare a stand, you provide an opportunity for people to get aligned, support you or indeed start an argument! World Peace by 15 September 2020 to you all!


INQUIRY: What is the Who of the When, HUH? 11 of 36

Inquiry-What is the Who of the When, HUH?-11 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020INQUIRY: What is the Who of the When, HUH? 11 of 36

Inquiry: An act of asking for information; an official investigation.

Wisdom Unlimited ‘Downunder’ started on Friday May 3rd and ends on Sunday December 15th 2019 here in Ocean Shores, New South Wales, Australia (15 minutes from the famous Byron Bay). It is run by Landmark Worldwide; my favourite personal development company. With 10 years under my belt with this organisation, I declare Landmark’s work is so much in the INQUIRY of what it takes to be human. Indeed Ontology is mentioned sometimes which is ‘the Study of Being”.

“Charles, why did you become the way you are today? What inspires you?” …and so the inquiry begins……


Aaah, one of the most empowering inquiries I have known, (in every course I have done to date), through Landmark Worldwide. How much are we shaped by thoughts that have “NO POSSIBILITY?” In this inquiry, there are answers ‘all over the shop’ about why something can’t happen. I remember sitting in The Landmark Forum and being in the inquiry of having “NO TIME” and “NEVER ENOUGH MONEY” with the 200 or so participants, in Sydney, Australia. People would share how real it was for them and indeed me! I am busy here, I am busy here, I am busy there….look at my bank account, here come the bills again……. With this inquiry, we looked at the COSTS and the PAYOFFS for these complaints in our lives. Certainly, how much resignation and cynicism do we have around the complaints! However, once revealed and shared, new openings for action occurred.


Well as soon I discovered that my “busy ness” cost me way too much in terms of freedom, happiness and joy, I simply took action. Ever since then, my time is my time; where I consistently or even perpetually spend it on things I love doing. Consequently, I declare I have a great time(life), and as I asserted back in 2005, that I have a ‘million dollar lifestyle’ with the home I own, the careers I love and that I am living in the SYMBOLIC Byron Bay region of beautiful Australia,  which is my Peace Loving” community.#WP2020 !

WORLD PEACE BY 2020: Probable almost certain future or Never (as an inquiry)?

Sunday, September 15th, 2019


A happily SIGNIFICANT day in my life, as it marked 19 years (to the day) that I was interviewed “LIVE” on National TV News, New Zealand saying these words:

“… and we are declaring it as the 15 September for the next 20 years when we start the PEACE CEREMONIES!”


Sunrise to Sunset, Byron Bay , famous “main beach” outside the Byron Bay Surf Club.

I set up at 430am with over 15 bouncing boots at the ready, and the following flags:

  • World Peace by 2020 x 2
  • #WP2020
  • WP2020
  • Peace Doves World Peace by 2020 flag
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Fiji
  • Great Britain
  • Hong Kong (aka China)
  • United States of America
  • Russia
  • France
  • Germany

Highlights of Our ALL DAY Ceremony:

  • A dawn run with the bottom 5 flags, representing the top 5 armament countries, requesting ‘to camera’ that these 5 nations transform their “weapon of mass destruction” industries to the “machinery of vast production organisations”.
  • A young lanky legged red haired lad loved the ‘experience of the bounce boots so much, he ran the Peace Dove flag to the end of ‘the bay’ and back, meaning a return bounce of 1.8 km x 2!

“Up to The Pass and back” I said and he did! The beautiful thing about it all was he was running for World Peace by 2020 and PASSING IT ON through the flag he flew!

  • A “Where did you guys come from?” moment , as Lucy ,“Birthday Girl aged 12”, was brought over by her friend, who had tried the bouncing boots earlier in the morning when the ‘nippers’ were doing their swimming lessons.

Next thing I know, her whole birthday crew of some 10 or so girls put a pair on.

A did a quick share about my stand for World Peace and how they can support the stand.

Then I chorused them to shout in unison:


Then I asked them to each pick up a flag.

Then I asked them to follow me, (with my World Peace by 2020 flag), run to towards the famous lighthouse and do an arc back to the camera, which I am going to turn on and start recording NOW!

We ran away and towards our TV Camera on the beach, which was facing the lighthouse.

On the return, those famous words were shouted again towards the camera! 


WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020-PASS IT ON! YOU’RE IT!-Charlescrawshaw

TAKE AWAY; An Inquiry for World Peace by September 15th, 2020.

For me, the whole day was remarkable for many reasons, (and Lucy’s birthday I am sure!:)

  1. I got complete of the 19 years on the 15th September ceremonies I had made and the ones I had missed.
  2. I got an insight to play for ONE YEAR, with the LINE IN THE SAND being: WORLD PEACE by 15 September 2020. Play a Game by PASSING IT ON!3.
  3. Liam, the enthusiastic young boy, who was a YES to WORLD PEACE BY 2020 and ran the flag to demonstrate his stand, simply inspired me by asking whether he could run a flag to ‘The Pass” and back; a good distance on the ‘hard sand’ of 3.6 km or 2.2 miles.
  4. I was able to share and publically “apologise to these young children” that us, as grownups, had failed them concerning wars. I was also able to share my stand and inspire them to take it on themselves.
  5. I have now got footage of the children declaring World Peace by 2020, as a possibility!
  6. I have now got footage of the flags flying hard at sunset, symbolically, sharing that 15 September 2020 around the world; will be a review of the September 15th 2020 stand: YES or NO!

Perhaps the best way of listening to life is to have it always be an INQUIRY, as one never knows what may show up? Peace be with you all, Charles Crawshaw World Citizen #WP2020


AUTHENTICITY: The Truth About It All! 10 of 36

Authenticity-The Truth About It All!-10 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020AUTHENTICITY: The Truth About It All!

Well having had an extraordinary birthday only yesterday, I will be REAL and say that I am so present to the love people have for me. My 56th birthday had me engage with over 100 friends and family; either by ‘face to face’ or through social media. THIS YEAR was SO SPECIAL because, thanks to Facebook, (who reminded everyone it was my birthday), I was able to share a “WORLD PEACE BY 2020: PASS IT ON! YOU’RE IT! “GIF, which I had successfully submitted to them recently. For your information, Facebook now has 2.4 BILLION MEMBERS!(….so this message can easily be passed on!!) I have called this particular GIF “A Drop in the Ocean” and it can be found when you search for it as #WP2020. What I LOVE is that the 100 or so friends (who took the time to wish me well) received a THANK YOU from me, plus one of the #WP2020 GIFS! That has to be a clear demonstration of World Peace by 2020, don’t you think?

Authenticity—Being True to Ourselves

From the Integrity seminar with Landmark Worldwide, some 26 years ago, I discovered a great reason to live, for myself. We were sharing about our ‘loves’ in life, and how, when we were busy with the passion, we found ourselves thrilled and fully engaged. I shared that; having been stabbed AND getting a punctured lung, when I was 18 years old; that being true to myself is to demonstrate my love for life itself.

  • Why?

  • Because I so nearly died!

I also shared that; as soon as I had really taken notice of my parents’ grim life during World War II, I saw that MY TRUTH was WORLD PEACE. Therefore to this day, I have been true to my word, I have been authentic.* *See Ceasefire Project

BEING GENUINE – An Access to Being Real

How often do we go about life trying to ‘look good’ or ‘trying to fit in’? I know much of my childhood was spent engaged in seeking approval from my friends and family, only to dismiss their attention, once made! After starting my Landmark Forum in October 1993, I discovered that the more I shared about my life, especially with my mother and father, the more they opened up to me. For the first time for a long time, I stopped ‘saying the right thing’; I shared from my heart and burst into tears more frequently than ever before. Alarmed at first, my English father finally succumbed to my transformation of that ‘stiff upper lip’ persona the British culture reputedly beholds. He was amazed I divulged instances where I clearly broke the law and had just told him! Why? Well Dad was a magistrate in Hong Kong for 20 years. As his eldest son, I kept many secrets from him. Once shared, however, it clearly ‘broke the ice’ between us, so that afterwards, whenever Dad would acknowledge me for good things I had accomplished, no longer was I saying to myself ‘Yes but, he wouldn’t say this if he saw me yesterday when I was…..”.

SILENCE – One Access to Lying

“Ooh I never lie!” I said mischievously! Well certainly with all my training and development, I clearly know that if I am ever ‘out of integrity’ with myself or others, there is a lie I haven’t uncovered.  The power to restore one’s integrity certainly comes with ‘being in communication’. Any silence around the matter is perhaps another form of deceit as nothing is said, so therefore one can not be judged.

  • “Aaah, well maybe that’s why you hold back sometimes Charles?”
  • “ Sure and well, I always look at THE COST of holding back. Is it worth it? How important is this to you? They won’t know anyway!”

It all comes to one’s relationship with one’s integrity perhaps?! Personally, I know don’t operate with power, if I am out of integrity with myself.

Authenticity – The Quality of Being Real or True

Fundamentally, I have learned, over the years, that so long as I maintain my authenticity around my passions in life by being open, vulnerable and “ready to share” with whoever will listen, I really have a sense of power as I am being true to myself. With that experience, I operate happily in life and hey, maybe I have taken on living a World Peace by 2020 life! Pass it On! You’re it!



Responsibility-Willingness to be CAUSE in the Matter-9 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020RESPONSIBILITY; WILLINGNESS to be CAUSE in the MATTER 9 of 36

In the relatively new course run by Landmark Worldwide; the “Be Here Now seminar”, we were asked to consider that responsibility starts with a willingness to be cause in the matter. Looking at the opposite, I saw that it was much easier to absolve myself whenever I wanted to avoid awkward or difficult circumstances. The so-called ‘easy way out’ was definitely something I used to use to avoid responsibility.


Today is September 10, 2019; my birthday! I am celebrating by sharing this piece of taking on RESPONSIBILITY; WORLD PEACE BY 2020! For those of you who don’t know, I started the Ceasefire Project on the 15th September 1995 (The Causing of World Peace through the use of FIRE). 5 years to the date, I was interviewed ‘LIVE” on National New Zealand Television News. I introduced my brother, who opened the Sydney Olympic Games with the Bush Fire element, and what came out of my mouth was the words: “So we really are committed to cause World Peace for one day and we are declaring it as the 15th September for the next 20 years….”

For 19 years I have been standing for World Peace and I saw that I could take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for not causing World Peace today with 3 months to go so I have broadcasted my apology! I am sorry.


What has been remarkable, having taken responsibility for the conversation called World Peace by 2020, which I have been honouring for almost 20 years, is that I feel relaxed and complete. The fact I have declared my public apology has had me know that anyone YOUNGER than me has FULL PERMISSION to have myself and all people my age and older BE RESPONSIBLE for all the wars on this planet today. My invitation is to consider us ‘Elders’ have failed you. What I can say is that I have taken ownership for the conversation.


Last night I was sharing in my weekly 2 hours on Monday night’s “Tools and Practices” Zoom link in my current Wisdom Unlimited Course about the NEW FEELING I had, now that I had apologised for the current circumstances on the planet around Peace. This lead to a ‘dialogue’ among many of us ‘elders’, noting the ‘youth of today’ as perhaps feeling entitled. With “entitled” being defined as “believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment”, one could say that there is no responsibility taken with any of the current state of global affairs, for example. Sure the evidence is there for wars and climate change, and yes, some youth have taken action. However, consider the fact anyone feeling ‘entitled’ has not taken on being an authority on the matter at hand, with no action justifying their claim.

RESPONSIBILITY: Authority, Control, Power, Leadership, Management, Influence, Duty

Defined as the state or fact:

1.Of having a duty to deal with something.

2. Of having control over someone.

3. Of being accountable.

4. To blame for something.

I can see for myself that every time I take responsibility of any matter in my life, I know that people have then got the ability to relate to me as my word around it. What opens up , as a result, is myself being a clearing for contribution, (the good and the bad) . What I have found over the years, is that I rarely blame anyone for anything occurring around me as I look at my breakdowns in communication, thwarted intentions and unfulfilled expectation and I take charge. It leaves me with ‘being cause in the matter’ versus being ‘at the mercy of something or someone’. As for the conversation: “World Peace by 2020: Pass It On! You’re It! ; I take full responsibility and I invite you to PASS IT ON!  Urm,,.but Charles, that’s passing on responsibility! Aaah good point and hey, I didn’t start it; young Reuben (aged 10) suggested I play it (World Peace by 2020) as a game, where responsibility is all over the place! Too Funny! Peace be with you!


COMPLETION: An “ONGOING” Access To Power (8 of 36)

Completion-An “ONGOING” Access To Power-8 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020COMPLETION: An “ONGOING” Access To Power (8 of 36)

Whenever I hear the word “Completion”, I immediately recall numerous occasions where I had thought I was ‘complete’ about something in my past, only to realise that; the fact that I feel a ‘charge’ now,  means I am incomplete!

One of the most beautiful outcomes for myself in participating in Landmark Worldwide’s courses for over 10 years is the fact that I ‘got and keep getting complete’ with my parents! Indeed, over the years, I discovered that the act of ‘being complete’ is an ongoing process.


Completion is defined as the action or process of finishing something; the state of being finished. Whenever I would call my parents up, especially when I was participating in one of my personal development courses, I would ‘open up’ and ‘share’ with my parents about moments I remembered (especially as a child) that impacted my life and how they were involved. I ‘got complete’ about that ‘train station’ moment, the ‘Lord of the Rings’ story and many many more!

ONGOING PROCESS: Never complete as a possibility?

The most interesting part of ‘getting complete’ is that it would only ‘be in the moment’ until another thought or moment arises. Sure, if a thought arose in my head during or even after any of my ‘self discoveries’ , I would get on the phone and ‘get complete’, especially if I saw I had ‘withheld’ anything with the person(s) involved. Regarding my parents, I would often call them during one of my weekend courses and I would say: “Hi Mum and Dad, do you remember the time when……” and I would share about all the thoughts and feelings I had for that moment with them. Some “back and forth” between us would finally have me be very happy I had shared my story with them. Eventually, one of the cutest parts of this process was when I called my parents in Brisbane from my courses in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Having divulged with Dad I was doing the xxx course right now, my father’s first words were: “Oh God son, what have I said or done now?!!”

TAKE AWAY: A key fact, point, or idea to be remembered, typically one emerging from a discussion or meeting.

 Given my love for people and humanity, I totally recommend getting into communication with the people you love on a regular basis and take on “getting complete” whenever it arises. Consider that the courage it may take will, at the very least, have you be complete. More importantly, perhaps, is that whilst you may have gotten complete at the moment; know that a NEW INCOMPLETION with that person is always possible!

Pass It On! You’re It!


THIS IS IT: Past, Present, Future ALL EXPRESSED (7 of 36)

This Is It-Past, Present, Future All Expressed-7 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020
THIS IS IT: Past, Present, Future ALL EXPRESSED (7 of 36)

PAST: October 1993

I participated in The Landmark Forum in October 1993 when I was 30 years old. During the 3 days, (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), I really looked at my past 30 years of life and noted 3 significant moments in my childhood, (read about those ontological moments here) that shaped who I was. I discovered that I thought I was ‘unlovable’ and a ‘failure’ and how I compensated for these inadequacies was to be independent, funny and brave. On Sunday, having really distinguished the past as the past (30 years), I was left with a wide-open future!

PRESENT: 26 years later

I am currently in between Weekend 3 and Weekend 4 with the Wisdom Unlimited Downunder Course, also run by Landmark Worldwide. During Weekend 3, one of the tools and practices we undertook was to share our dreams. Once shared, we were then asked to look at dreams from various standpoints:

  1. Highly unlikely that the dream…..
  2. What is stopping you with the dream?
  3. If there was a magic wand, what would the dream look like?
  4. What could you bring to have it (the dream) to be workable?

Well, one of my dreams is to cause World Peace by 2020, (started 26 years ago after the Advanced Course)

  1. I saw it is highly unlikely that it will occur, giving evidence with what our media let us know about the state of the world every day.
  2. What is stopping me is finding a SUCCESSFUL BREAKTHROUGH, where ALL 195 Countries get on the same page and stand for World Peace by 2020.
  3. If the magic wand was waved, our world would operate as one; for the brilliance of humanity in nurturing MOTHER EARTH and other planets.

By changing them (who are making weapons of mass destruction) to produce machinery of vast production, needed for the ever-increasing number of natural disasters on this planet.

This dream exploration has really opened up new worlds for me around causing World Peace by 2020, however, this may look! What has been remarkable since the weekend (August 16, 17, 18 2019), I discovered an amazing accomplishment: FACEBOOK is forwarding World Peace by 2020: Pass it On! You’re It! Search for a GIF #WP2020 and you will see several gifs that I have made and SUCCESSFULLY SUBMITTED! Thank you, Facebook indeed! PASS IT ON! You’re It!

FUTURE : Dreams can come true!

Hmm…off I go into Visions of Utopia and “Happily Ever Afters” which one could say is pointless? Is it? What is the future you are living into Charles? Great question! I know I have taken various stands since October 1993, which has shaped how I live and operate in the world each day. However, that ‘ever-pervasive’ past is always there, to raise its little head, and remind me that I am human; in having such thoughts of inadequacies, failures, and disappointments. So what now?


Consider how often one is seeking or looking for a future that may or may not happen. Look at all the action one takes ‘IN ORDER TO’ blah blah blah. Perhaps if one takes stock of who one is RIGHT NOW, one could really smell the roses ( see earlier blog). So dwelling in the space of “THIS IS IT” during my Wisdom Unlimited Course and undertaking explorations to engage in between weekend 3 and weekend 4, one exploration is to “Play and Have a Great Life!” with a course experiment to do one anonymous good deed every day. WOW, now aged 55, the simple act of PLAYING has really reminded me of the joy of life I am having and as for the experiment, well I am not telling!  TEE HEE!



EMPTY AND MEANINGLESS: Now What? (6 of 36)

Empty And Meaningless-Now What?-6 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020EMPTY AND MEANINGLESS: An Inquiry into the meaning of life!? 6 of 36

AMAZING! After 3 days of SERIOUS ONTOLOGY (The study of BEING) with my Landmark Forum back in 1993, our room inquired into the meaning of LIFE??!!  “Love, Happiness, Joy” we shouted! “Fulfilment, Satisfaction, Making A Difference” were added. I remember it was a captivating inquiry of what oneself and fellow human beings believed to be the right way to live life. The argument was STRONG!

Inquiry 1.                        

EMPTY and MEANINGLESS as an access………

Examine life as empty and meaningless?!

“Whoa, huh, how can you? “ I said to myself as the inquiry began.  The arguments were solid about having a great life where love was present and that you were happy. Back and forth we went until we could finally be with the thought to review… is empty and meaningless. “But, but , but” finally quietened as we tried on the consideration.


Standing in “Empty and Meaningless”, I saw I could really create anything to put onto this “Blank Canvas”. Who could I be that would give me having a meaningful life? Aaah but Charles; there’s that meaning again! Wow, I saw this crazy inquiry as a massive opening for myself. “If life is empty and meaningless, who could I be?” , ”Who did I want to be?”, “What can I create for my life, in this space of empty and meaningless?”

TAKING A STAND as an access…….
  • I am standing to cause World Peace by 2020 though as many means as possible.
  • I stand for Women and Men being equal everywhere on this planet.
  • I stand for Women being Leaders everywhere through their natural and nurturing instincts.

Hmmmm, there’s a few that I subconsciously honour and yes Charles, what about a few closer to home; something more personal?

“OK I am a stand for a fantastic and loving relationship with a lady who wants to start a family with me. Born in 1963, I have a great deal of experience on what a loving relationship can be so I look forward to the relationship as an access to surpass what has already been some truly magnificent times with my past partners.”

Inquiry 2.

“Empty and meaningless and it is empty and meaningless that it is empty and meaningless!”

Ahh well now contemplate that this is all empty and meaningless and it is empty and meaningless that it is empty and meaningless; what then? Fascinating once more as we argued that life itself is meaningful!

Are you saying that human beings are attached to meanings?! With that last inquiry, I was truly left with nothing! Too much meaning already!

I remember leaving that October Landmark Forum on Sunday night elated, thrilled and excited. A whole new outlook on life opened up for me. Bless Landmark Worldwide, as I have never looked back! Too much meaning I joke!