EMPTY AND MEANINGLESS: Now What? (6 of 36)

Empty And Meaningless-Now What?-6 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020EMPTY AND MEANINGLESS: An Inquiry into the meaning of life!? 6 of 36

AMAZING! After 3 days of SERIOUS ONTOLOGY (The study of BEING) with my Landmark Forum back in 1993, our room inquired into the meaning of LIFE??!!  “Love, Happiness, Joy” we shouted! “Fulfilment, Satisfaction, Making A Difference” were added. I remember it was a captivating inquiry of what oneself and fellow human beings believed to be the right way to live life. The argument was STRONG!

Inquiry 1.                        

EMPTY and MEANINGLESS as an access………

Examine life as empty and meaningless?!

“Whoa, huh, how can you? “ I said to myself as the inquiry began.  The arguments were solid about having a great life where love was present and that you were happy. Back and forth we went until we could finally be with the thought to review…..life is empty and meaningless. “But, but , but” finally quietened as we tried on the consideration.


Standing in “Empty and Meaningless”, I saw I could really create anything to put onto this “Blank Canvas”. Who could I be that would give me having a meaningful life? Aaah but Charles; there’s that meaning again! Wow, I saw this crazy inquiry as a massive opening for myself. “If life is empty and meaningless, who could I be?” , ”Who did I want to be?”, “What can I create for my life, in this space of empty and meaningless?”

TAKING A STAND as an access…….
  • I am standing to cause World Peace by 2020 though as many means as possible.
  • I stand for Women and Men being equal everywhere on this planet.
  • I stand for Women being Leaders everywhere through their natural and nurturing instincts.

Hmmmm, there’s a few that I subconsciously honour and yes Charles, what about a few closer to home; something more personal?

“OK I am a stand for a fantastic and loving relationship with a lady who wants to start a family with me. Born in 1963, I have a great deal of experience on what a loving relationship can be so I look forward to the relationship as an access to surpass what has already been some truly magnificent times with my past partners.”

Inquiry 2.

“Empty and meaningless and it is empty and meaningless that it is empty and meaningless!”

Ahh well now contemplate that this is all empty and meaningless and it is empty and meaningless that it is empty and meaningless; what then? Fascinating once more as we argued that life itself is meaningful!

Are you saying that human beings are attached to meanings?! With that last inquiry, I was truly left with nothing! Too much meaning already!

I remember leaving that October Landmark Forum on Sunday night elated, thrilled and excited. A whole new outlook on life opened up for me. Bless Landmark Worldwide, as I have never looked back! Too much meaning I joke!


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