SELF EXPRESSION: The Discovery is So Enlightening 25 0f 36

Self Expression-The Discovery is So Enlightening-25 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020SELF EXPRESSION: The Discovery is So Enlightening 25 0f 36

Self Expression is defined as an interpretation of one’s feelings, thoughts, or ideas, especially in writing, art, music, or dance.

What is My Life Meant to Be?

That was certainly the question that opened up for me after my Landmark Forum in October 1993. Having dwelt with the idea to consider that “life is empty and meaningless, and it is empty and meaningless that it is empty and meaningless”, I was left with an exciting thought: A NEW CHARLES!

Children: Our Future

I love children. My new self-expression in 2019 is definitely based around children.

Here are  2 moments that IMPACTED my stand for WORLD PEACE BY 2020 this year.

  1.  “Having asked me why I loved talking about World Peace so often”, Reuben (my neighbour’s son; aged 10) came up with a clever “TAG” playground game, where children can run around and tag each other shouting: “World Peace by 2020: Pass It On! You’re It!”. It is such a game so worth playing; don’t you think? Imagine school playgrounds around the world playing “this very” game? #WP2020#PASSITION#YOUREIT
  • “Having asked 12 of Lucy’s same-aged girlfriends, (who were playing a treasure hunt for her birthday), on the famous Byron Bay main beach here in Australia, to perform to our tv cameras, this is what happened:

All the girls put on some bouncing boots and grabbed national flags, including the top 5 nations who make arms:

  • Russia
  • USA


The girls SHOUTED:

Then we sang “Happy Birthday Lucy, Happy birthday Lucy, Happy birthday dear Lucy, Happy birthday to you.”

Then we gave three cheers for Lucy; “Hip Hip Hooray; Hip Hip Hooray; Hip Hip Hooray!”

All the while, dear Lucy was surrounded by us and holding onto her flagpole tightly. The camera reveals she is self-conscious of our acknowledgment through our song and cheers so, right after our last hooray, she shouted:


Followed later with :


26 Oct 2019: Currently, the showreel is with our sound engineers taking out the background beach noises to ACCENTUATE HER WORDS and then have it ECHO!

Birth of My Self Expression around Children

I assisted for Landmark’s Young Person’s Forum and Teen Forum around 1994 and I discovered, personally, that this was one of the most beautiful aspects of Landmark Worldwide personal development courses. Indeed, the following prose is the source of my inspiration, into the world of children.

Notes On An Unhurried Journey

When we adults think of children, there is a simple truth which we ignore; childhood is not preparation for life; childhood is life. A child isn’t getting ready to live; a child is living. The child is constantly confronted with the nagging question: “What are you going to be?” Courageous would be the youngster who, looking the adult squarely in the face, would say, “I’m not going to be anything; I already am.”

We adults would be shocked by such an insolent remark, for we have forgotten, if indeed we ever knew, that a child is an active participating and contributing member of society from the time he is born. Childhood isn’t a time when he is moulded into a human who will then live life; he is a human who is living life. No child will miss the zest and joy of living unless these are denied him by adults who have convinced themselves that childhood is a period of preparation.

How much heartache we would save ourselves if we would recognize the child as a partner with adults in the process of living, rather than always viewing him as an apprentice. How much we would teach each other… adults with the experience and children with the freshness. How full both our lives could be. 

A little child may not lead us, but at least we ought to discuss the trip with him; for, after all, life is his and her journey too.

  – Professor T. Ripaldi

Self Expression: How, where and when?

Great question!

When I look to see where and when I am fully expressed, I have noticed the following:

  • That I love whatever I am engaged in at the time.
  • That I have so much passionate evidence for the matter at hand.
  • That an observer is left with little doubt about my passion for the matter at hand.
  • That I am unstoppable about the stands I have declared in my life making me fully self expressed as a result.

The big question is HOW DOES ONE DISCOVER ONE’S Self Expression? I have found that it is all about asking yourself profound questions about your life!

What do you enjoy in life?

What do you love about your life?

What lights you up when you are with your friends and family?

Around any work you do, are you able to say joyously: I can’t believe I am getting paid for this!?

Consider that if you follow your heart and passions in life, you will be fully self expressed!

Question is: What is your FULL SELF EXPRESSION?


POSSIBILITY: If No Transformation occurs, what happens? 24 0f 36

Plane wing overlookingcloud possibilities

Possibility: A Thing That May Happen or Be The Case.

Whilst it may sound ‘way to simple’ and it isn’t the truth anyway, my participation with Landmark Worldwide continually comes across a fork in the road.

Cynicism, Resignation, and Complacency versus Possibility.

Cynicism versus Scepticism: What’s the Difference?

Cynicism is defined as an inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest so you would consider that any allowance of communication will be tainted purely  because the listener already has this thought: “Nothing in it for me.”

As for scepticism, it is defined as an attitude that shows you doubt whether something is true or useful. This keyword “useful’, is again located around whether there is “something in it for me.”

So perhaps I can say that a person who is cynical generally has little faith in others; whereas a person who is skeptical is more likely to put in the appropriate research before believing what they are told.

Resignation: The Evidence for Anything Else is Nil.

It is interesting, in my journey with Landmark Worldwide, that my discovery of my thought of being a failure (see video) would produce evidence for resignation. Here are some examples of my resignation:

  1. I so remember trying to be picked for the top tier teams in rugby union, for both London Scottish and Sydney University, yet always ending up in the lower yet ‘very social’ teams.
  2. I also remember trying to get picked in management roles for sales teams in Sydney but simply ending up as a top sales performer with my team of one.
  3. I also was so resigned about being in a loving and lasting relationship. After Cathy (4 years), my girlfriends lasted for 3-6 months and never as long or as close as when I was with Cathy. I so remember the sense of being heartbroken, after we split, and I was very sad/depressed for 6 months, until I started dating once more. The first few girlfriends didn’t stand a chance, as my heart was damaged, and I remember saying to myself that I will never let myself be that vulnerable again!

Complacency: Being OK with No Action

Complacency is defined as a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements. For myself, I have discovered that any inaction on my behalf means that I am not enrolled with the opportunity at hand. I rarely sit idly if I have taken interest in something. What I have observed, over the years, is a sense that complacency is perhaps a polite word for saying one is lazy!

“Why should I?”

”Who cares anyway?”

POSSIBILITY: An Access to Transformation

It is no surprise when one observes young children and ‘see and hear’ them being “full of possibility”. Interestingly, and perhaps no surprise, you could say we gather evidence, after each year, to diminish possibility, such that we do end up being resigned, cynical and complacent about life. I was aged 30 when I completed my Landmark Forum in October 1993.After 3 days, a world was created for me revealing my life was a “blank canvas”, where my past was truly put in my past (where it belongs) and that I was able to stand for a future that touched moved and inspired me, by that future! As mentioned in the “Nature of Choice” of day 3 (Sunday) ,the world of Unlimited Possibilities is truly at hand.

World Peace by Tuesday 15 September 2020, as my possibility!



TRANSFORMATION: More than “Just Change!” 23 0f 36

Transformation-More than “Just Change!”-23 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020
TRANSFORMATION:  More than “Just Change!” 23 0f 36

Transformation: A Marked Change in Form, Nature, or Appearance.

How does one measure one’s transformation? Surely there needs to be a before, during and after, where one can review all of one’s past (as the past) and declare a transformation has occurred. I share the following, with 26 years of experience with personal development organisations, as evidence that digital disruptor: ! has become unrecognisable, to the Charles Crawshaw everyone knew, before the Landmark Forum in October 1993.

BEFORE: A Beginning for Transformation, if chosen

Charles Crawshaw Age: 30

October 1993:

They say that “the more you try to change, the more they stay the same” and that was my evidence of my last party I organised for The Chilli Club.

It was my first ever ‘personal development’ course and I had one focus :

THE Chilli Club : Is it a Pipe Dream?

I started it in1990 with a few friends. It was a social club where “some members” liked eating chillies. Its vision included a membership questionnaire (for All Members) to choose who, where and what OUR CLUBHOUSE would look like. Our target was to gain 2000 members.

Once accomplished, a trust fund would be set up and everyone who ‘ticked’ the $500 box,(versus $1000, $2000 and $5000 options!), would become a founding LIFE MEMBER.

CLUB MOTTO: “” Your friends, my friends, OUR FRIENDS; WE Party Hard Together.

Over the years, I organised the following:

  • Parachuting WEEKEND
  • Sailing WEEKEND
  • Skiing WEEKEND
  • Canoeing WEEKEND
  • Black Tie Ball Disco at Centre Point Tower
  • Dragon Boat Racing Team
  • Chilli Club Fire Breathing
  • Balmain Treasure Hunt/Pub Crawl

And it was the last party, a “Black Tie Ball” at the Sydney Town Hall that really challenged me. Indeed, although a success, the strain on some friendships and the worry involved on ticket sales and hire equipment for the night left me with one question:

Is the Chilli Club a ‘pipe dream’?

DURING : Marked Changes Evolving

Charles Crawshaw Age: 30 – 40

I have shared some of what I discovered in my Landmark Forum here. I participated in the Advanced Course, the Self Expression and Leadership program and then the Communication programs run by Landmark Worldwide.

I have shared on the blog called: Communication: Another Access to Transformation 19 0f 36 one example of a MARKED CHANGE, as a growth in transformation. One of the things I learned over these years was my wish to ‘BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY’.

Huh, yes I discovered that my “Class clown ACT” really kept me from this dream. As time progressed, and having now discovered I was gaining mastery in 2 domains:

  1. In  developing membership and media
  2. In building and strengthening support

I caused some spectacular national and international news footage in the name of World Peace and Fire Breathers.(watch video)

 AFTER: Continuum; Ongoing as a Possibility

Charles Crawshaw Age: 40 – current 56


My participation in the Wisdom Unlimited Course for my second year has, as suggested, GROWN and EXPANDED me exponentially. I was sharing only yesterday (to a fellow graduate) how my experience of ULTIMATE JOY keeps surprising me, as it is EXPANDING. How happy can I get?

Indeed, on 15 SEPTEMBER 2019, I shared one transformation around World Peace by 2020, that I never saw coming: “WORLD PEACE TAKE OFF”, shouted by a 12 year old girl called Lucy: Read more here. The fact that a 12-year-old can dialogue with a 56-year-old man such that he gets INSPIRED! Yes “TAKE OFF” is such a cool new way to go!

For myself, I can see that my transformation has come in the form of BEING TAKEN SERIOUSLY and that LOVE is all around me, by virtue of my declaration! How cool is that?

Where have you transformed or where are you “out to transform” right now?


ENROLMENT: A possibility that touches, moves, and inspires you 22 0f 36

Enrolment-A Possibility that Touches, Moves, and Inspires You-22 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020ENROLLMENT a possibility that touches moves and inspires you 22 0f 36

ENROLLMENT – Official Definition

Enrollment is defined as the act of putting yourself or someone else onto the official list of members of a coursecollege or university, or group. It can be measured by the placement of your name or other people’s name(s) into whatever requires membership of some form.

Having been with the training and development provided by Landmark Worldwide for over 10 years; there are always opportunities for enrollment, and generally speaking, and probably no surprise to you, I am almost always a YES ‘waiting to happen!’ I know I value growth and expansion of myself such that I can continually make a difference with the world I live in. The courses available have enrollment opportunities online and during announcements in the current courses running. In this instant, the ‘enrollment’ conversations are designed to share as much about the course being promoted, such that one can make an informed choice! (See To Choose Freely blog).

ENROLLMENT: New Possibilities, once made

Hah, well it started powerfully for me, when I participated in the Self Expression and Leadership program in Sydney 1994. It is a 4 month course with 12 evening sessions and a few Saturdays. I was given a coach, who was a graduate of the course himself, whose key role was to listen for the future I had produced in the previous Advanced Course. The future I created was: “Love expressed through Leadership, Inspiration, Energy and Enthusiasm!” Well the 4 months was extraordinary, simply because, for the first time, I was focused on all of my communities, in enrolling them to seeing ‘A NEW CHARLES!”

“What was it like?”

“Confronting, enlightening and profound”

The key was whether any of my community was ‘enrolled’ in who I was being. If I was generation my future: “Love expressed through Leadership, Inspiration, Energy and Enthusiasm”, miracles happened surprising everyone concerned including myself. See my Ceasefire Project photos .

I was trained by my coach as to whether someone is ‘enrolled’ in me or ‘not enrolled’ in me, and to immediately NOTICE who I was BEING! As a consequence, this education has impacted my life immensely; as I operate with an attention on the communities I am a member of; both ‘face to face’ and ‘online’. Indeed, my current Wisdom Unlimited program, I have been looking at my network of conversations, as a new way to discover and share the future I am creating.

When I shout “World Peace by 2020: Pass It On! You’re It!” when I go for my regularly bouncing around Ocean Shores; there is no surprise, as I get “it” repeated back at me, as an echo, meaning this conversation has indeed been passed on! See my hilarious INSTAGRAM videos!

MEDIA: Are they enrolled?

On last thing I want to mention, about enrollment, is when it comes to working with the media. Now, whenever I write my press release, I look to see how I can enroll the media to run my story and that this is a skill worth learning when you undertake the Self Expression and Leadership program, I declare! Thank you Channel 10 ,Australia!


SERVICE: Another Access to Transformation 21 0f 36

Service-Another Access to Transformation-21 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020
SERVICE: Another Access to Transformation 21 0f 36

Who would have thought that BEING OF SERVICE is one access to one’s transformation? I got a profound insight about ‘service’ when I participated in Landmark Worldwide’s Introduction Leaders Program.

SERVICE: The Action of Helping or Doing Work for Someone.

Firstly, the receiver of your service needs to be welcoming! Otherwise you would consider that the recipient would view you as a nuisance, as a possibility! I have learned over the years that to ‘be of service’ is a gift for both the recipient and oneself.

How can one ‘be of service?’

Great question!                   

I have found that anytime I am paying attention ‘outside of myself’, with the person (s) I am with, I am on the right track, as I am focussed on them. I ‘tune in’, ‘pay attention’ and listen for opportunities for being useful or helpful. Questions, too, are an excellent way of discovering ways where one can ‘be of service’. Perhaps what I have learned over the years is to be interested in making a difference and therefore being of service.


World class service is defined as vastly exceeding customers’ expectations and building brand loyalty as a result. World class service can help attract new customers as 87% of consumers share good experiences with others.

For over 10 years up here in Byron Bay, Australia, I have personally brought this stand to one of the top catering companies called The Larder. Indeed, in our memorandum to understanding (which I wrote), I share the value of being of GREAT SERVICE versus ordinary service as a game worth playing. Consequently, all our new staff start on the same page, understanding how and when they can EXCEL in the services we provide.

“Going above and beyond’ of what our guests expect in providing food and beverages at any function we undertake, has us regularly receive great reviews.


This was a surprise to me when I first inquired into ‘being of service’. The thought that “to receive” is a service went against what I had thought I knew; until I discovered how much I was so thrown to GIVING versus RECEIVING.

I think it was during my ‘Being Extraordinary’ seminar that I first got to see that I was so fiercely independent and that I needed no one. Our inquiry looked to consider that fundamentally; most humans are out to make a difference. Oh! All those friends of mine, who offer to help, actually mean it, versus “working on an angle with me!” Yikes. I discovered how; by not allowing them to contribute to me, our relationship was limited in what was possible. Since then, I am much more aware of my friends loving and wishing to help me! Now comes the case of asking for help….and there’s another story!

Where in your life have you been or service to others and yourself?



Being Unreasonable as another Transformation 20 0f 36

Being Unreasonable as another Transformation-20 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020Being Unreasonable as another Transformation 20 0f 36

In case of trouble, throw up a reason! How often have I chosen to be safe, and make an excuse simply because I didn’t want to ‘rock the boat’ or ‘upset the apple cart’!

I am currently participating in my second “Wisdom Unlimited Downunder’ Course here in Ocean Shores, New South Wales, Australia and I have been blogging and will blog all 36 ‘TRANSFORMATIVE” ways of BEING. This one is #20!

Being Unreasonable can lead to Amazing Results

I was in my first “Introduction Leaders Program” run by Landmark Worldwide which runs over 6 months. Each of us gave our word we would attend all classes and weekend workshops.

At the time, I was working on formulating the Ceasefire Project: “The Causing of World Peace through the use of FIRE”. With an eye on opening the Sydney Olympic Games with fire breathers, I trained many of the participants in my course to breathe fire. Looking at the time table for our training course, I saw that the last day landed on the 15th of September 1995 and that the classroom ended at 10pm.


Press Release to all 5 Australian TV Stations:

15th September 1995 marks exactly 5 years before the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games. The Chilli Club Fire Breathers will perform a fire show at the Sydney Opera House Steps AT MIDNIGHT to underline the anniversary and take a stand for World Peace by the opening ceremony.

For myself, I felt it was unreasonable to request a TV News camera crew to wait until I had finished my classroom, before getting EVERYONE down to the Opera House from the Landmark offices, then based in Darlinghurst,(15 minute drive).

Not only did we make it in good time, but we had Channel 10 News camera crew document the show in the name of World Peace and the news story was shown to an Australian audience.

THE SUPRISE came from abroad, when my brother-in-law “Ip”, who was living in Brunei, South East Asia, called my father.

Ip: “Tony, did you know your son was filmed and shown on CNN News just now?”

Tony: “Really??!”

Ip: Yes, my son (10years old) was watching the news and shouted: “Dad, Dad, there’s Uncle Charles!”

BEING REASONABLE like “playing it safe”?

So if one is not being unreasonable, what gives, in terms of one’s lifestyle?

Great question!

For myself, I see that when I operate in a ‘familiar’ and ‘safe’ world, my life has a certain flavour. Whilst you could consider that there is nothing wrong with how I am living my life, perhaps there is no growth or expansion in developing my capacities in the things I love doing. You could say I am living a ‘CRUISY LIFE’; with no unforeseen interruptions or disruptions even impacting it, when they occur. Consider the skill I have learned over the years is to continually notice the reason why I have not taken action. What REASON am I using here and now? If you can consider that many of the reasons you offer are based on ‘past thoughts and experiences’ as the potential STOP, then perhaps one can CHOOSE FREELY?! (read more here regarding CHOICE)

“I CAN’T……….” or “I AM NOT WILLING TO………….”

Aaah…when I have been in this inquiry, I see that ACCURACY helps with the refusal to take action in anything that is important to you. How often do I say “I can’t…” when I really mean “I am not willing to….” For me, the distinction here is often that I am making reference TO THE PAST where I recall a ‘failure’ to succeed. Once I have realised this as my first thought, I can then review the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ and then declare my action/non action with power. Can you do the same? Tee Hee

What Unreasonable action will you take today that INSPIRES YOU?


Communication: Another Access to Transformation 19 0f 36

Communication-Another Access to Transformation-19 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020Communication: Another Access to Transformation 19 0f 36

I remember the catch cry of the old Commando course run by Landmark Education back in 1993: “Communicate or Die” ,where this course inquired into going behind enemy lines (your thoughts and feelings) and find the enemy within! I can’t say much more about it although I did notice graduates were proficient in ‘cutting to the chase’!

Communication: Access to Power

The entry course into the “Curriculum for Loving” , as it is often fondly called versus the “Curriculum for Living” which starts with the Landmark Forum. In this course, I discovered when and where I failed in my communication ‘AS A CHILD’ and, once that was distinguished/remembered, a mighty ‘oh wow’ moment. See my ‘FAILURE’ video share here.

“Charles, consider the job you do, the place you live and the clothes you wear are all in support of your ‘sentence’ in life (sentence as in a court room).

Charles: “I am a failure” was my sentence that I gave myself (aged 10) and then hey, no surprise as I was always comparing myself to my ‘better brother’. I was doomed! (Tee Hee)

Charles Crawshaw: “Hands up, those of you reading this, if this circumstance with your sister or brother is SIMILAR? When I shared this with my father, after doing this communication course, he simply replied “Aww Charles, that’s called Sibling Rivalry!”

From Failure to “Million Dollar Lifestyle”

I participated in the communication courses back around 1995, when I was living in the “Heart ” of Darlinghurst, Sydney. It was perfectly situated; on the “Corner of Oxford Street and Crown Street”, with nightclubs and bars up and down the streets and the Landmark office within 10 minutes walking distance!! It was a fairly grungy 1 bedroom apartment, right above a record shop and cafe. As the “gay party scene” was all around me almost 24/7 7 days a week, I noticed;

  1. On weekend mornings especially, there was the likelihood of broken bottles and used syringes.
  2. At the time, I was unemployed and struggling to pay the rent.
  3. That said, if I ever bought clothing, it was always from charity shops and never brand new. With all this as a NEW realisation (Thank you Landmark Worldwide )

I realised that these STRUCTURES were all in support of my thoughts as “Being a FAILURE”; so I started to DISMANTLE all the evidence!!

Charles Crawshaw 1995 –

  • Within 1 month, I caused myself to being chosen as 1 of 8 “Sales TEAM LEADERS” for the launch of Foxtel Cable Television into Australia. Sydney and Melbourne start. My leadership gained me a brand new Foxtel Branded Company 8 seater van to drive my team to suburbs all around Sydney and do ‘door knocking’ sales!
  • I achieved a great salary and commission pay, made by “Charlie’s Angels”, for successfully coming in “First and Seconds” at 9pm, each night for all our sales combined.
  • Within 3 months, I moved in with my brother and his girlfriend, choosing a 2 bedroom apartment in Neutral Bay, Sydney with water views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. My bedroom viewed down on the Neutral Bay Ferry bay and the harbour bridge in the background.
  • I began to buy new clothes and the rest….

Essentially, having NOTICED anything that spoke ‘FAILURE’ to me , I did a MIGHTY SPRING CLEAN of my life!

Million Dollar Lifestyle : 7 October 2019

I work part time in this joyful friendly climate town called Ocean Shores. I run a tv station for it, I own my apartment and I work part time “on line” and “face to face”. I bounce to the beach often to embrace my love for exercise…(it’s all those endorphins hey?) and I don’t have a war on my doorstep. Indeed, it is from that space that I am able to TRULY GENERATE World Peace by 15 September 2020 as a GAME WELL SHARED! #WP2020 has started indeed!


How often do I ‘hold back?’, ‘keep my thoughts to myself’ or simply notice I am deep in thought. In my current Wisdom Unlimited course, (that I am participating in for the second year), we call it ‘monologue’ versus ‘dialogue’. Consider that when we ‘talk to ourselves’, nothing moves. As soon as we get into dialogue, transformation is truly available. What I am distinguishing currently is that some of my MONOLOGUE is on LOUDSPEAKER …something like broadcasting…..aaah!

“World Peace by 2020” shouted out loud isn’t dialogue Charles, when you run on those bouncy boots.

Charles: “What if they shout it back at me; wave, nod or give me “hand peace signs” or honk the horn as they drive or walk by….. I have altered THE SILENCE in this Ocean Shores community which I declare is certainly making World Peace by 2020: Pass It On! You’re It! “ a great shout to keep creating and GETTING IT LOUDER. Watch out for Operation “Sand with a Line” – 15 September 2020! Another #WP2020 GIF! Thank you Facebook for the GIFs you share!!! Again!


CHOICE: An Ability to Create in Any and All Situations 18 0f 36

Choice-An Ability to Create in Any and All Situations-18 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020CHOICE: An Ability to Create in Any and All Situations 18 0f 36

It is day 3 of my Landmark Forum back in October 1993. It has been a great 3 days with introduction to some 13 design principals about what it is to be human. Indeed, Ontology (the study of being) was often mentioned back then as the context for Landmark’s education and training.


So we are in the inquiry and the Landmark Forum leader asks for a volunteer to get up on stage, in front of us all, and help distinguish the power of choice. Firstly, the volunteer is shown to replicas of ice cream cones with 2 different toppings: Chocolate and Vanilla. I am paraphrasing here (it has been a while) so I recall we were then given the definition of DECIDE “To kill off options” and CHOOSE “To select freely and have it be free from the past” as a new way of looking at CHOICE.

  • Forum Leader: Chocolate, Vanilla : Choose
  • Volunteer: I choose Chocolate
  • Forum Leader: Why did you choese Chocolate
  • Volunteer: I choose Chocolate because I prefer it to Vanilla.
  • Forum Leader: Was that a choice or decision?
  • Volunteer: It was a choice; I choose chocolate because I like it. I prefer it to Vanilla.
  • Forum Leader: Consider it is a decision. You killed off all alternatives, in this case vanilla, and you chose Chocolate based of a PAST EXPERIENCE where you liked it.

This exercise went back and forth, with the volunteer sticking fast to Chocolate ‘choices’ until suddenly, the volunteer understood to choose freely (and free from the past).

  • Forum Leader: Chocolate, Vanilla: Choose
  • Volunteer: I choose Chocolate because I choose Chocolate.
  • Forum Leader: Why did you choose chocolate?
  • Volunteer: I choose Chocolate because I choose Chocolate.

We all noted there was NO REASON given this time. Then the Forum Leader did something radical. She held out only one ice cream cone (happened to be vanilla) and she asked: Choose?

  • Volunteer: I choose vanilla because I choose vanilla.

What this new concept opened up was perhaps an unusual look at our choices in life; where we look at all alternatives and choose…aaah now consider that’s a decision because you are killing off all alternatives. To make a choice, choose freely and have it be free from the past. So I choose Mum because I choose Mum. I choose Being Short because I choose Being Short! The power here is that these choices, even if there is only option, is to choose it freely. Choose cancer, wow, read here.

CHOICE – A New Freedom

What I have found liberating from this tool is that one can really choose, with freedom, if one is clear there are no past thoughts/feelings/influences clouding one’s mind. Indeed the skill is firstly to distinguish all facets of the matter at hand, and notice all the meaning one has around it. From there, my heart skips a beat and I choose! Indeed, given these choices (from this new point of view), are transformative, consider there is no surprise that fear arises as it is certainly diving into the unknown. Saying that, one of the top 5 benefits of the landmark Forum is indeed making the right choices and pursuing what’s important to oneself. I can certainly testify to that having started both the Ceasefire Project and the Queens Peace Project with a commitment to causing World Peace by 2020.

I choose World Peace by 2020 because I choose World Peace by 2020.

What will you choose (freely) now you have an idea of a new way to look at Choice?


CREATING FROM NOTHING; Another access to Transformation 17 0f 36

Creating From Nothing-Another access to Transformation-17 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020CREATING FROM NOTHING; Another access to Transformation 17 0f 36

It takes skill to create from nothing, as we are so thrown to having everything around us MEAN SOMETHING! However, reflecting on my extensive personal development through Landmark Worldwide, there is indeed a MAGICAL MOMENT I will never forget on the 15th September 1997.


I started the Ceasefire Project, after learning some excellent tools and practices concerning the media and ‘likely stories’ through Landmark’s Self Expression and Leadership program.

15 September 1995 marked the launch of the project with a thorough ‘press release’ to all Australian TV Networks. I declared we would do a Fire Breathing Show for World Peace and mark 5 years before the opening ceremony the Sydney Olympic Games (a smart move to nurture the ‘LIKELY STORY in the press release’)

15 September 1997 -Sunset

  • Channel 10 News Camera Crew
  • Channel 7 News Camera Crew *
  • North Western corner of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on a grassy hillside at Dawes Point

1997 had me just warming up to the power of emails and texting, so on that day, our group of fire breathers agreement was to bring a few friends so beating last year’s record of 92, should be cool with the 30 or so fire breathers we had trained. 5pm and 40 of us were ready! OOOOPS!

As the leader of this Ceasefire Project Fire Show, this year I had FAILED! Read more here about my thoughts of myself AS FAILURE.

If you can imagine the scene as follows:

Channel 7 and 10 News crew reporters, talking to several fire breathers including my brother whilst Charles (myself) was sitting alone and in deep thought, embarrassment and disappointment of having organised everyone to get here, only to not break the record. Luckily THIS MOMENT only lasted 5 minutes!

FROM NOTHING; A Miracle was BORN; Failure transformed

Charles Crawshaw: “Ladies and Gentleman, if I may have your attention please?”

“Today marks exactly 3 years to the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics. As you can see, our fire breathers are not enough to break last year’s record. I want to THANK BOTH CHANNEL 7 and CHANNEL 10 Camera Crews, for showing up to document us in the name of World Peace on our planet. I promise that we will perform a show tonight for you and before we do, I want to ask each one of you Fire-Breathers how many friends you will bring in 2 weeks’ time when this year’s Olympic Festival of Dreaming” ends. Put up fingers for numbers of friends! OK, thank you!

After dwelling in the morass,(a complicated or confusing situation), for the five minutes mentioned above, I finally saw I could get complete “in the moment” and come from NOTHING. See what comes out my mouth when addressing all those people there, for a FIRE SHOW for WORLD PEACE?!

6 OCTOBER 1997 “Harbour Bridge is ON FIRE!”

Only Channel 10 New Crew returned to the park as we marked the end of 1997’s Festival of Dreaming.

The night was extraordinary as we had enough fire breathers to safely space each other, along the 300 metres of west side walkway. We made some mobile phone call coordination with the Channel 10 camera Crew, who realised they needed to drive away from the bridge and capture the SPAN of the BRIDGE and then , once established, call us.

From Potts Point, Channel 10 News called us so I said: “Let’s light up!”

Along the entire length of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, we could see fellow fire-breathers light their fire sticks ready for the flame launches.

Go!” as the Chilli Club Fire-Breathers performed the first-ever “Mexican Wave” (using  Fire Balls) along the length of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. With Channel 10’s powerful ZOOM Camera shooting the event, our fire show was broadcasted on the news once more!

Creating From Nothing-Another access to Transformation-Sydney Harbour Bridge World Record
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The best moment of that night was when several red fire engines appeared on the side of the bridge saying someone had called them and said the bridge was on fire! Note I had failed (again!) to inform any fire departments of the event. Oops!

Where do you see you can take on creating from nothing?

*The Channel 7 News camera crews showed up for the first time after 2 years of our annual fire shows for World Peace, at the Sydney Opera House Steps