Integrity: Being Whole and Undivided 35 of 36

Integrity-Being Whole and Undivided-35 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020Integrity: Being Whole and Undivided 35 of 36

I was participating in “Integrity: The Bottom Line” run by from August to October 1999.

I will never forget the course as I was FULLY ENGAGED with the Sydney Olympic Committee,(SOCOG). They had called me in and asked whether I could create a bushfire for the opening ceremony. They also requested I stop my annual fire show to commemorate the opening ceremony on 15 September 2000.

I was furious.

I had started the Ceasefire Project on the 15th September 1995 at the Sydney Opera house with 22 fire breathers, returned the following year with 92 fire breathers, then the Sydney Harbour Bridge the year after and then fire shows around Australia and New Zealand in 1998.

And so 15 September 1999 was coming up and I was in this “Integrity” seminar.

I remember getting on the microphone and sharing with Joe Watkins, our seminar leader, the following:

  1. That I had a call with SOCOG who said for this year that I should not perform a fire show.
  2. That I had replied that I had done fire shows in the name of World peace for the last 4 years.
  3. That they said I would jeopardise the opportunity to open the ceremony of the Sydney Olympics.
  4. That I said, (with due respect), that I thought the Olympics was all about Peace, where battles were taken to the playing fields and running tracks.
  5. That I said I was going to perform a fire show at Darling Harbour on the 15th September, no matter what.
  6. That I had performed a fire show but had split the fire breathers into two sides.
  7. That the usual news cameras gave us no coverage.

I really remember Joe’s perfect question after this share.

JOE: “Charles, do you think you were being “World Peace” at the time with these calls?”

I really remember squirming and rocking on my feet, as I realised I was being very righteous with my stand for World Peace and that I had made SOCOG wrong!

JOE: “What are you going to do now Charles?”

Charles: “I will call them and clean up my integrity.

I will never forget my apology call with SOCOG. The lady I had been communicating with over the months kindly listened to me apologise. I shared with her that even though I was standing for World Peace, I saw in these moments that I was the type of guy who would start a war!! I could hear her smile and she accepted my apology. I finished off by sharing that I was leaving for New Zealand to continue my stand for World Peace though fire breathing using the Ceasefire project as the vehicle. She spoke words I will FOREVER REMEMBER:

“Good luck Charles, we know you will do a good job!” (see victory news story here)

The story above demonstrates what is possible if one takes on ‘cleaning up’ one’s integrity. New openings for action and a sense of “true fulfilment” are just two of many outcomes possible, if one’s integrity is restored.

Integrity: An Access to Power

Wow, having completed 3 Introduction Leaders programs over the years with Landmark Worldwide, I can share that the fundamental access to power is IF ONE TAKES ON cleaning up ONE’S INTEGRITY, (within 6 months in this case).

I learned that INTEGRITY is the KEY FOUNDATION for this Leadership course. Once I had graduated, I took on a coaching role with the program and I was privileged enough to impact 5 other human’s lives, going through the program I had just completed. The course really HIGHLIGHTS INTEGRITY as a fundamental way of being.

CHARLES: “If you are operating with integrity, anything is possible”.

When I started my first Introduction Leaders course in 1995, I was 32 years old and living in Sydney, Australia. When I went in, I assert I was a ‘loose cannon’. My life showed up that I had developed a loose relationship with the law of Australia (drinking, drugs, employment and the immigration department). It took 3 months of the program, for myself, to clean up all these ‘out of integrities’.

At the time, I was working on causing fire breathers into the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games (Ceasefire Project) so I was dealing with the television news editors about a performance at the famous Sydney Opera House Stairs. It was with INTEGRITY that I managed to enrol the Channel 10 TV Camera Crew to capture some 20 of us Fire Breathers at the Opera House at MIDNIGHT. The story was shown Channel 10 News Australia and CNN relayed the story of our stand for World Peace.

CHARLES: “Yes, I didn’t see that coming and reflecting on it now, I can see that who I was BEING was FULL ON INTEGRITY (see news clip) ; it was an AMAZING SPACE TO BE!

INTEGRITY: Whole and Complete

One final note, and to restore my integrity with these 36 consecutive blogs written on words and phrases given to us on our 3rd weekend of this year’s Wisdom Unlimited Course here in Australia, is that I can reveal there were only 35 words/phrases shared with us so I miscounted! How funny so maybe 36 of 36 is my summary blog?! #WHYNOT.

Is there an ‘Out of Integrity” in your life today you could CLEAN UP?


Registration: Sign Here! 34 of 36

Registration-Sign Here!-34 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020Registration: Sign Here! 34 of 36

Registration: Put information, especially your name, into an official list or record

With this blog series of 36 “words/phrases” that can access self-transformation, it may surprise you, (as it did with me), that the act of registration can be considered an act of transformation.

Firstly, one needs to be ENROLLED in the possibility such that you are touched, moved and inspired by the possibility. If this is the case and a true possibility has arisen, then the next logical step is to REGISTER. Simple really!

Registration and Commitment go hand in hand

One way of demonstrating one’s commitments in life is to register it publically and out loud. For myself, I have developed and shared continually an ever growing and expanding conversation for World Peace by Tuesday 15th September 2020.

How I have registered this commitment is by:-

  1. Continually uploading information to the internet,
  2. Speaking it our loud to my so called ‘originating circle’ (Wisdom Unlimited Course)
  3. Promoting a name badge business where one can register their alignment or stand for “World Peace by Tuesday 15 September 2020” by buying a name badge with this message printed on it, (see I

Indeed, registration can develop a form of MEMBERSHIP, which gives access to fulfilling one’s commitments though powerful enrolment. Registration is an effective way of measuring too! At any time, one can observe the number of people registered as an access to how effective one has been about sharing their commitments with their communities.

How large is your membership to the things you are passionate about today?

Registration: The Act of Enrolling

One of the top distinctions of Landmark’s Self Expression and Leadership program (SELP) is “ENROLLMENT” (see Enrolment blog). The value and power of enrollment is that it actually causes new possibilities to be present of others, such that they are inspired, moved and touched by those possibilities.

What was amazing about SELP is that I got trained in enrolling. Indeed, so much so, I enrolled and registered friends and family to learn fire eating in order to gain attention for World Peace through ‘enrolling’ press releases to the Australian Television media. The key to this particular story is that the news media spoke the words “World Peace”, which demonstrates a registration to the idea, as a possibility!

With the phrase “Actions speak louder than words”, you could say that it is another was of asking to register. The action of registering will show everyone you are enrolled in what you are registering for and that you are, at the very least, aligned with this commitment.

Another phrase associated with registering is to ‘put your name on it’. Given my commitment and registration with Six Figure Mentors in July this year, one of the things I have discovered and learned about is the evolution of the ‘attention economy’ ,where people are developing themselves as an AUTHORITY on whatever inspires them. Internet searches are getting more and more sophisticated, so if you have ever ‘put your name on it’ through social media (for instance), people may discover you and your passions in life. Indeed, surely once they have discovered you, it is an opportunity to register them into your commitment? Aahh that’s called a landing page, isn’t it? Sure, if the outcome for the ‘landee’ is for them to register by “putting their name on it”. Eh Caramba!

Where in your life would you like to register your interest?


Generosity: A Clearing for Transformation 33 of 36

Generosity-A Clearing for Transformation-33 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020Generosity: A Clearing for Transformation 33 of 36

It is funny whenever I read or hear the words “Generosity”, I think of TIME and MONEY! Where did that come from? Why say these words?

Well, from my experiences in life, I am clear that whenever someone is willing to give their time (or money) to me, I really appreciate their generosity. Given my “happily busy” life, I appreciate whenever someone is willing to spend time with me for a common pursuit or passion. I value time and sure, I generally have financial thoughts that go with time: “Time Is Money” as they say.

Maybe there is more to generosity than just time and money?

Generosity: A willingness to give help or supportespecially more than is usual or expected:

Aaah, well this is where I know I love being generous. With a background in sales and marketing, I love anyone who is willing to be an entrepreneur. Sure it takes guts to ‘go out on your own’ and sure, if you have read the E- Myth by Michael Gerber, when you start a business, you need to be:

  • manager,
  • sales person,
  • accountant,
  • technician
  • computer operator

 etc ……plenty of hats indeed. My contribution to my friends and associates is to support them in fulfilling their dream of running a successful business. I will ask them where their target market is located and then I will come up with 5 ideas of gaining customers, through ingenious, creative and articulate methods.

Stingy : Not Generous or Liberal

This word came up in my Landmark Forum back in 1993.

It was an inquiry, after each break that we had each day. What was remarkable, during the whole long weekend (The course starts Friday), is the courage participants took on the breaks. People came back into the room, got on a microphone, and shared amazing stories of the call they just had with……..” 

I so remember and I will always love humanity for what’s possible. I remember several of my calls to people I love. I called my Mum and Dad on Saturday afternoon,(see script) and got into a dialogue that I have never had with them. I was authentic and shared from my heart. As a result, a whole new world opened up!

If you read my script, you can see I did open up more than I ever done before with mum and dad and it certainly surprised them. One could consider that I had been ‘GENEROUS” with sharing myself with my parents.

‘BEING STINGY’ is the complete opposite and hey, after even having the COURAGE to take on any one of the following:

  • Getting complete with someone
  • Getting back into communication with someone
  • Getting into the world of the other person
  • Getting how you listen through filters (already always listening) that can perhaps hinder what is being said

..etc, it is NO SURPRISE one’s first attempt with ‘the communication’ can occur as ‘stingy’, simply because one is confronted by a new communication that requires the ‘sharing’ of oneself. Authenticity is definitely one access to disappear ‘being stingy’, as it opens oneself to another such that they get the ‘real you’!

Generosity:  The Quality of Being Kind and Generous.

If we are looking at generosity as an access to one’s self-transformation, the inquiry can certainly lead to conversations that make a difference (read blog here) . What I have learned, over the years of my personal development, is to notice how I listen.

If I am busy, pre-occupied and scrutinizing the time being taken in conversing with someone, you could say I am being ‘stingy’ with my time and how I listen. Indeed, and thankfully, I sometimes even address that I have not been listening to the person for the last xx…few minutes, (“essentially that I had switched off”). Integrity restored, the new listening arises as a result!

If I have my ‘being generous’ ears on, then I know that I am focused on making a difference with the person I am talking with, in whatever way I can. I have also discovered that ‘being of service’ is one way one can demonstrate one’s generosity. For instance, whenever I buy a cup of coffee and my action won’t be disruptive, I will take my empty cup to the service area as a thank you, even declaring my gratitude ‘out loud’ to the barista, who has made so many before me!

Where have you been generous recently?


Making a Difference: YIPPEE! 32 of 36

Making a Difference-YIPPEE!-32 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020Making a Difference: YIPPEE! 32 of 36

As mentioned previously, I am in my consecutive Wisdom Unlimited program run by Landmark Worldwide. Dwelling in the world of ONTOLOGY; “The Study of Being” and undertaking self-transformation, I have much to contribute, having learned that Making a Difference is one of the tenets of transformation itself.

I remember being in the inquiry of what is to be human and we discussed/considered/noted that perhaps most humans want to make a difference. We shared about our heroes and heroines in the world and the difference they had made to our lives.

Indeed; back in 1994, the “old Advanced Course” included movie clips for us to watch and learn something. Two clips were taken from the movie Gandhi which ‘made a difference’ to my life; profoundly:

In looking at Gandhi and who he was being, we observed he took a stand and honoured it:

The British shall leave without bloodshed. Watch “It is Time You Left”

Once the British had left India, a civil war broke out between the two religions. Gandhi gave his word he would not eat (took a fast) until 7 conditions for Muslims and Hindus to live in harmony in India were honoured.”Watch “A Way Out Of Hell”

As participants, we were invited to consider that all Gandhi had was his word.


I do remember my first Advanced Course as an eye-opener where I realised that ANYONE OF US (in the room) could be someone LIKE MAHATMA GANDHI!


SIMPLE : “Take a stand and honour your word!”

Making a Difference:  To Have an important effect on something, especially a good effect. 

I am sure; that if I interviewed each and every one of you reading this particular blog, that I would discover moments in your life so far; where you felt, sensed, owned the fact you made a difference somewhere to someone.

  • How did you feel?
  • How was it for the other person?
  • What was fulfilled by you making that difference?
  • What were you left with afterwards?

Recently, I was running on my bounce boots around “Ocean Shores” beaches, Australia on a sunny afternoon (I am a regular runner) and three things happened that had ‘making a difference’ : “Alive and Real” for me on 25 November 2019.

  1. A young boy (around 4 years old), waiting to cross the road with his mother shouted: “There is the World Peace Man” (A thank you to his parents for naming me?!)
  2. An older boy (around 8 years old), leant out the moving car window and smiling cheered “WORLD PEACE BY 2020” at me.
  3. A famous Australian named Ben Ferris, happened to catch me as I was reaching my final hill climb on camera, where he shared with his followers my stand for World Peace by Tuesday 15 September 2020. Indeed, given it was SPOKEN OUT LOUD to his Facebook LIVE camera, the message is now in existence. Pass It On and You’re It! often comes straight afterwards!

I can attest that not only does making a good difference have a good effect on the recipient, the person giving also benefits. Funny that or why not?

The opposite would mean that no difference is made and life is ‘same old’, ‘same old’…..and hey Charles, ‘if it ain’t broke, no need to fix it’….so I guess that one access to self transformation is to look to where you can or have made a difference?! Follow that up with ACTION and you’re MAD (Making a Difference!).

What difference have you made, (that you are proud of) for the benefit of humanity?


Breakthrough: A Sudden Discovery 31 0f 36

Breakthrough-A Sudden Discovery-31 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020Breakthrough: A Sudden Discovery 31 0f 36

I remember how we used to describe the methodology of how the Landmark Forum works is similar to what scientists do to cause a breakthrough. They look at their subject from various points of view and then, all of a sudden, something they never saw coming occurs and a breakthrough is declared by the scientists. It is the same methodology used in the Landmark Forum. For the 3 days and one evening syllabus, these are the inquiry points:

  • Already Always Listening
  • The Hidden Power of Context
  • The Vicious Circle
  • Racket: The Payoff and the Cost
  • The Illusion of Someday: Rethinking Possibility
  • The Myth of Is, Because, and I
  • Distinguishing: Opening New Worlds
  • Freedom from Anxiety
  • How Identities Get Constructed
  • The Pervasive Influence of the Past
  • Change vs. Transformation
  • Language as an Access to Power
  • The Nature of Choice
  • New Possibilities, Breakthrough Results, and a Quick Review
  • Transformation as a Way of Living
  • Dealing Powerfully with Breakdowns

For myself, when I participated back in October 1993, I recall being surprised, excited, saddened, happy throughout the weekend, as each inquiry revealed new views of my life. Indeed, the methodology is designed to reveal my BLINDSPOTS in my life: What I didn’t know that I didn’t know!

My biggest breakthrough came when I called Mum and Dad on the Saturday of my Landmark Forum (read the breakthrough here)

Breakthrough: Until One is Committed

One of the most revealing pieces of training I have received, whilst participating in Landmark Worldwide programs, is learning how and when breakthroughs occur.

Firstly, I needed to distinguish my commitments and passions in life, getting clear on my stands and actions around each of them. Once established, I then needed to be aware, whenever a ‘breakdown’ occurred, that the breakdown always and only occurred because of these commitments and passions in life. Otherwise, no such breakdowns would ever happen!

An Example.

Today, Friday 23 November 2019 marks a promise where, (last week), I said I would have caught up and completed “all 36 words and phrases for transformation” blogs, shared with us in my current Wisdom Unlimited course running in Australia and New Zealand.

I revoke this promise and re-commit to completing the last 5 by Friday 30 November 2019. PHEW!

(The breakthrough is that I would normally not share this breakdown publically!)

What Breakthrough Would You Like Right Now In Your Life?


Existence: State of Living 30 of 36

Existence-State of Living-30 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020Existence: State of Living 30 of 36

Many of you know I am participating in my second consecutive Wisdom Unlimited course run by Landmark Worldwide down here in Australia. During the course, 36 words/phrases were shared, where we could choose any one of them and take on as an initiative over the months of the course to inquire; Existence is one such word.

Looking from my life and where existence has shown up in a transformative way, I can see that firstly I had to look at how I automatically operated so I was ‘unlovable’ (see more here) and a ‘failure’ (see more here). Looking back, I saw I had ‘existence’ structures that held those thoughts ‘as the truth’ for me.


One existence structure was located in my thoughts. I so clearly remember my ‘reactions’ whenever Cathy, my girlfriend for over 4 years (I was aged 25 – 29 years old), said ‘I love you!” My immediate thought each time was to say to myself:

  • ‘How can you love me?”’
  • “I don’t believe you!”
  • “You hate it when I kiss other girls and you hate it when I get drunk!”

These automatic existence thoughts reinforced my thought that Cathy could never really love me, (I completed with Cathy in my Landmark Forum apologising for being a ‘righteous jerk’ in our relationship.


Several existence structures for me “being a failure” was revealed when I participated in the Communication Course: Access to Power,(read more here) learning I had several existence structures that ‘displayed me as a failure’.

Existence: Structures that Support

What has opened up for me, in this Wisdom Unlimited Course between weekends 4 and 5, is my inquiry into the stages of development or existence of futures. At any one time, I can look at whatever project I am working on, and look for existence structures that support the stage my project is operating in.

Indeed one can make a whole list of ways of looking at what support structures can help you move one stage of development to another.

  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Websites
  • Diaries
  • Displays
  • Team Members
  • Conversations
  • Stand
  • Tools and Practices

These are all ways to look at one’s project and see where actions are taken with any one of these; and much more can move the project to the next stage of development.

Having taken World Peace By 2020, as one project I want to work on, in this Wisdom Unlimited program, I do indeed love existence structures to support my stand and promote the project (see and

What Existence Structures Empower You?


Unreasonable Request: Magic Happens 29 of 36

Unreasonable Request-Magic Happens-29 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020

As I am coming to the end of my blogs on 36 phrases that can access transformation, I note that there was a similar inquiry into transformation with the phrase “Being Unreasonable” where indeed I do share an unreasonable request that had me make international news in the name of World Peace!

I have learned the nature about unreasonable requests. It is that the outcome comes in one of three possible responses:

  1. YES
  2. NO

Unreasonable: Beyond the Limits of Acceptability or Fairness

If transformation of oneself is empowered through “unreasonable requests”, then going “BEYOND the limits of Acceptable” conjures up a new imagination of which one can be?!

Who can you be?

How about:

“Bold Leadership Causing the Unimaginable” BLCTU

Before I share, please know this ‘BLCTU future’ is not copyrighted, so please TRY IT ON and pass it on, especially in the name of World Peace by TUESDAY 15 September 2020: Pass It On! You’re It! #ITSATUESDAY

It was during my first Introduction Leader’s Program (ILP) , where for 6 months, as a body of some 10 Sydney centre participants, we took on being this future (BLCTU) individually and as a team around the Darlinghurst, Sydney centre in 1995. Sure we caused some great outcomes within the centre and it was the projects that truly HAD ME LIVE ANEW!

24 September 1993 :

Juan Antonio Samaranch, (International Olympic Committee President) televised quote: “...and the winner is…. SYDNEY!”

Charles: “Wow Sydney is hosting the 2000 Olympics!”

I was standing with a friend in Circular Quay when it was announced. I remember “oh so clearly” promising my friend Greg Box that I would help with the opening ceremony using my fire breathing as the access! ( I was trained in 1989 ).

1995 ILP: Using the context written above ( see context blog ), you can see that the future “Bold Leadership Causing the Unimaginable” would impact that promise.

  • I set up the Ceasefire project: “The Causing of World Peace through the use of FIRE”.
  • I ‘press released’ to all 5 Australian television news stations asking them to film our World Peace stand.
  • I called the Sydney Opera House and laid the foundations for a “Setting off a World Record” on their famous Opera House Stairs. I asked the Guinness Book of Records to document it.
  • I asked fellow participants in the course to learn the art of fire-eating : Fakir.
  • I asked the Sydney Olympic Committee to include us in the opening ceremony,
  • I asked that the 15 September 1995 be well broadcasted.

My point above is that I was truly operating in a world of BEING UNREASONABLE making bold requests all over the place, which caused the remarkable news story for World Peace. (see “Live News” video 5 years after)

Request: An Act of Asking Formally for Something

Aaah, how strong was my propensity that I will ‘do it myself’; knowing it will get done versus relying on anyone else. “Fiercely independent” was definitely one discovery I learned in my Landmark Forum (more here).

From there, I participated in the  Team Management and Leadership Program (TMLP) run by Landmark Worldwide. I learned a new way of expanding my capacity of leadership by not being there! I made requests!

Following on from the story above around fire breathers, I taught participants for this TMLP course Fire Breathing too. I requested they return to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland and Christchurch and teach more breathers and then hold a fire show for World Peace in their respective city. I believe only Brisbane and Christchurch did not honour my request through numbers or no trainer available.

Certainly one can say that perhaps the majority of humanity wants to contribute to society in one shape or form, so whenever a request is made, the receiver has an opportunity to help. What I have learned is to ask more often and be continually surprised when people act or respond above or beyond my expectations! So here is my unreasonable request to you as a reader.

Please take a stand to cause:

World Peace by Tuesday 15 September 2020

by whatever means possible and Pass It On?


Distinguishing: Insights that impact 28 of 36

Distinguishing-Insights that Impact-28 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020
Distinguishing: Insights that impact 28 of 36

Having started my personal development with Landmark Worldwide in October 1993, and participated in many of their programs for over 10 years, the common saying about their education is that it is ‘distinction based’ training. Their education is all about discoveries about oneself and one’s relationships with others, so perhaps never with the answers yet always in the inquiry, whatever one gets for themselves is entirely up to oneself. All one has to do is simply to distinguish the education and training as useful,wherever one likes.

From discovering myself being unlovable (more here) and a failure (more here), has had me be aware of potential breakthroughs whenever these two traits arise in my life. To this day, my ability to ‘catch’ myself with these ‘past based’ behaviour has definitely allowed myself to transform “in the moment”, versus being at the mercy of that ever-pervasive past!

Distinguishing: Revealing Your Blind Spots

One of the key diagrams drawn in the Landmark seminar rooms is a circle where we are invited to consider that everything within the circle is all there is to know whilst you are alive. We were then asked what knew out of this circle ( a slice ) and what we knew we didn’t know ( another slice) which left the majority of circle with the distinction: “What we don’t know that we don’t know!” In other words, Landmark’s education and training dwells in what we don’t know that we don’t know or indeed, our BLINDSPOTS. As mentioned above, I didn’t know that I didn’t know that up until age 30, my life was all about being unlovable and failure! Wow, once I had distinguished this for myself (it made so much sense and I had enough evidence to underline and validate these ways of being), I had a whole new world open up for me. From then on, whenever my girlfriends say they love me, I thank them and own their acknowledgement!

Distinguishing: Demonstrating as being different 

To undertake distinguishing anything in life is to take on being in an inquiry (see inquiry blog) and open to discoveries. Otherwise you can consider that one is ‘asleep’ or ‘not present’ where no transformation is possible. For myself, I was astonished to learn a whole new way and indeed access to one’s transformation was through my listening! I saw I was judgemental on many things and this certainly gave flavour to how I listened to people.

If everything in your life is ‘the same’, then consider there is no distinguishing going on and perhaps life doesn’t move in any new way. It is just “the way life is” and perhaps you have fallen into that world of resignation, complacency and cynicism. Look at a child and you may see their world as full of possibilities! Oh to be young again, I hear you say??!

Distinguishing: Transformation If Actioned

After I completed my Landmark Forum in October 1993, I was left with a blank canvas for my life where I could invent new possibilities and take action to fulfil on them. Remarkably, it was during my Self Expression and Leadership Program, (SELP) where I had a personal coach for 3 months, that my distinction of being unlovable was really impacted. Why? Well whenever I had my weekly coaching call, my coach would listen for the future I created for myself in the Advanced Course:

“Who I am is the possibility of Love expressed through Leadership Inspiration, Energy and Enthusiasm.”

My coach would listen to how my Ceasefire Project was going and if I moaned or groaned about people involved in my project, my coach would help DISTINGUISH that who I was being,  was not what I declared in my advanced course. After 3 months of SELP, my future was fulfilled and my communities were then relating to me as that future I invented in my advanced course versus the unlovable Charles I used to be! Thus the promise that you will be “living a life which you love and living it powerfully” was fulfilled. Thank you Landmark Worldwide

What have you distinguished about yourself recently?


CONTEXT: Framing 27 of 36

CONTEXT-Framing-27 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020
CONTEXT: How ‘Framing’ sets the scene 27 0f 36

CONTEXT: How ‘Framing’ sets the scene 27 0f 36

Context is defined as the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood. Context is also defined as the parts of something written or spoken that immediately precede and follow a word or passage and clarify its meaning.

Let’s set some context?

  1. Imagine a man who promised to himself that he would follow the strong invitation, (and even a suggestion!) of simply writing 3 blogs a week for 6 months onwards. The man started in July this year through an excellent organisation called Six Figure Mentors and was doing so well until 13 days ago when the subject matter was the word “Context”. This word was the 27th of 36 blogs written so far. …urm Charles, you have fallen behind…what is you context now?
  • Imagine a man who is participating in his second Wisdom Unlimited Course; because he loves growth and expansion of himself and the communities he impacts. The man has been standing for World Peace by 15 September 1995 and recently UPGRADED his stand to:

World Peace by Tuesday 15 September 2020

The man now has LESS THAN ONE YEAR…..

  • Imagine a man who has really discovered that by simply opening up one’s mouth versus talking to oneself is such an awesome access to transformation as it dwells in the domain of ‘dialogue’ versus ‘monologue’. Past and recent victories; with the words “World Peace by 2020” and “World Peace by Tuesday 15 September 2020” SHOUTED OUT LOUD (in public) has been empowering. “Instagram Sharers/Fans” have hit the 500,000 views through an Ocean Shores, Australia person called “Brown Cardigan.

Context: How much is it based on the past?

Great question and hey, with the context shared above, you may not be surprised to know that my thoughts of myself:

1. Being a failure (see video share). Thank you Communication Course.

2. No one loves me (read context here) Thank you Landmark Forum.

Writing this right now, I can clearly see that my context has been flooded with my past. Indeed, it has been the PAST, living “ALIVE” and “WELL” for these 13 days of my life! It has been an interesting inquiry for me, as the more I leave writing this particular blog, the more my past smiles! When are you going to press the SHARE BUTTON Charles?

So how does one create a new context? Surely the ‘ever pervasive’ past is always lurking around, ready to step in and remind you of your past in full glory??!!

Context: New Ones

“Take or share a stand” with someone (in dialogue helps!).

So when one declares any stand, a future arises and what shows up with any stand is where action needs to be taken to fulfil on one’s declared promise, so for me, I promise to honour my commitment to COMPLETE MY TRANSFORMATION BLOGS (36) by Friday 26 November 2019.

Yikes, 8 blogs in 7 days!

Aaah the context is ALIVE like urgency, and a game worth playing in catching up with my 3 BLOGS A WEEK commitment! Here are the last 8 remaining words for inquiry into the world of transformation:

  • Distinguishing
  • Unreasonable Request
  • Existence
  • Breakthrough
  • Making a difference
  • Generosity
  • Registration
  • Integrity

Indeed, one can consider there are many ways of ALTERING THE CONTEXT, such that IT EMPOWERS YOU versus a context that dominates you with perhaps a ‘past attack’ like:

  • I can’t do that
  • I failed before
  • It’s not up to me
  • It’s not my fault
  • I will never be that good

Ooh sounds like those words of affirmation may make new context then Charles??

  • I am loved
  • I am at peace
  • I am strong
  • I am powerful
  • I am loving
  • I am gentle

Well I can see some good in these contexts indeed so hey why not? Pass It On!

What was your context in reading this blog?


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Granting a Listening 26 0f 36

Acknowledgement-Granting a Listening-26 of 36-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Granting a Listening 26 0f 36

In case you don’t know, I am currently in my second consecutive Wisdom Unlimited Course run by Landmark Worldwide, participating from my home/studio/office here in Ocean Shores, New South Wales, Australia. I have been living here for over 15 years and I am close to the famous Byron Bay; the most Easterly point of Australia. In this Wisdom Course, and on our 3rd weekend on August 16th – 18th, we were given a list of 36 words or phrases as an access to ‘TRANSFORMATION’. As you can see from the number above, I have 10 more words and phrases to engage with; and generate something I trust, that makes a difference for anyone who reads my blog, (see PASS IT ON blog here)

Thank You to My Niece’s Recent Listening

Given Byron Bay lies on the “must visit’ tourist trail with over 2 million visitors each year, this mecca for holiday lovers ensures I get to enjoy opportunities when friends and family drop in. Such was the case, only last Thursday, when my 21 year old “Year of the Tiger” UK University graduate niece called Sophie arrived by a Greyhound bus.

She arrived with her best friend, and fellow Tiger Abby, at 7pm so I drove the 15 minutes north to Ocean Shores and they had an early night, ready for an early start on Friday morning, when I drive to Byron Bay and do my weekly “picnics” lunch service for

Over the next 6 days, this 56 year old bachelor “Uncle Charlie” or just Charlie was able to share his life, like never before, with a dear niece called Sophie, who had last met me 14 years ago, when she was 7 years old and I was 42.

In the world of ‘dialoguing’ with her (and Abby), I am SO GRATEFUL to be given the opportunity to share my life. So special was this week that I assert the ‘surprise’ birthday party for my brother’s son Sebastian will be lovingly IMPACTED by Uncle Charles(Charlie) from Byron Bay!

Acknowledgement: Acceptance of the Truth

My Chinese mother Shu Man Crawshaw, (World War 2 background) only last week, whilst niece Sophie was in bed with the flu, brought up my stand for “World Peace by 2020”,( please read and for background here), had a deeper conversation with myself, after I opened up my deep sadness about being 56 years old and a bachelor. It lead to a conversation about my Ceasefire project and then I got my mother’s TRUTH.

Shu Man (she is born in the year of the Dog) barked lovingly:

“World Peace by 2020” , “By 2020’ , ‘By 2020’….

She enhanced the phrase by emphasising 2020 was not far way.

It was the way she spoke, the passion she had for the conversation and I also heard the love she had for me and my stand. Indeed her slain father “Ng Se Wah” was ALIVE and WELL through MUM!

Acknowledgement: Existence of Something

Charles proudly declared:

“Don’t worry Mum, NOW there is a “Sand With A Line” project being created.


Meanwhile, dear Sophie, all curled up in bed, finally came out for dinner. She enjoyed my mother’s Asian Chicken Soup with no fat, recreated by me, after she shared the recipe with me. It certainly had a familiar flavour to ones Mum, my brother and I have made before, and maybe it is that ‘NG’ family signature dish?!


Sophie was “bettered” so herself and Abby were back into the loving town of Byron Bay, where back packers roam!

On Saturday, it was ENGLAND versus the ALL BLACKS on the sports bar television. Both the girls got swept up in English hilarities and joys, when the unexpected win by England, made Byron Bay simply MAD! (Making a Difference…..all be it in ‘drunken merriment’) Consequently, a softer Sunday is the truth here!

Acknowledgement: Recognition of the Importance

It was important to me that I was able to share my visions and stands with my young 21 year old niece. She will be meeting my brother, sister, mother in Sydney on today, Saturday 2 November 2019), at a restaurant which Sebastian likes. Sophie is going to show up as the “surprise surprise” (Mum is the first ‘surprise’, having arrived from Brisbane yesterday). Sebastian was 2 years old when they last met! Dear Abby will be the ‘surprise, surprise, surprise!’ as the two girls enter the ‘16 year old birthday” space.

Acknowledgement: Quality of Something

Both Abby and Sophie have World Peace by 2020 fliers and Sebastian’s present, which holds FAMILY NAME BADGES with corresponding energy mentioned below.

Inside the present will be “back packer made cards”  




 and magnetic name badges for Nephew Sebastian (Goat) ,Mum (Dog), , Brother and Sister (Snakes) and Sister In Law (Horse).

Abby and Sophie have promised me to take a photo with “The Ng Crawshaw Fabling Family members, all wearing name badges which CLEARLY SHOWS:


In that moment, I assert I have presented something special for our family.

“Big love going out to you all as I write this blog!

I declare and invite ALL FAMILY world citizens take on PASSING IT ON!

Acknowledgement: THANK YOU SOPHIE and ABBY

You two “Compassionate” Tigers left me such a beautiful card and words:

Dear Charlie

Thank you so much for having us stay! It has been so lovely getting to know you properly and finally fulfilling my childhood dream of trying the bouncy boots! Also thank you for curing my flu with the Ng family magic chicken soup! I hope you now can enjoy cooking for lots of other visitors! Byron Bay has definitely been one of the best parts of our trip and we’ll definitely be back one day! Good luck with everything and keep in touch! Lots of love Sophie xxx #WP2020

Dear Charlie,

We love Byron Bay! Thank you so much for letting us stay with you.  I’ve loved every minute! You definitely made our stay in Byron ten times better! We will think of you every time we have a berry smoothie or run in the bouncy boots!! (If I’m brave enough!!) Can’t wait to come back to Byron and see you in the future (most likely for my wedding!) Lots of love, Abs xxx

Dear Abby and Sophie

How special was our moments together. I am left with a profound love for you tigresses where your friendship with one another is a DEEP FRIENDSHIP which is LOVED and HONOURED. I so love the fact that you guys help me pick some energies for the other animals with Compassionate being Purrrrrfect for Tigers!

Know that I am a stand you two do find something you both love, and that world travel is included in this discovery?! I look forward to make “KEEP IN TOUCH” another #WP2020 Game??!

By the way, let me know anytime you guys would like to upgrade our relationship to discover something new together! Wishing you absolutely the best “rest of Australia”

Your Charlie aka #WP2020 (seek this GIF on Facebook!)

SAND WITH A LINE coming soon! Can you guess already?!

Finally, what speaks to me about Saturday’s Sebastian 16 year old birthday party is:


Footnote for followers noting UPGRADES in ENERGIES!


  • WORLD PEACE through Charm   Rat = Charming
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Ox = Patient = Accommodating
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Tiger = Sensitive = Compassionate
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Rabbit = Articulate  = Expressive
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Dragon – Active
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Snake = Prudent = Wise
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Horse = Popular
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Goat = Elegant = Sophisticated
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Monkey = Clever
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Rooster = Ernest  = Heart Felt
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Dog = Loyal
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Pig = Brave