Positive: Constructive, optimistic, or confident. 2 of 65

Positive-Constructive, Optimistic, or Confident-2 of 65-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020Positive: Constructive, optimistic, or confident. 2 of 65

So here is a POSITIVE STORY that happened just now with the SOURCE of the following:

Happiness Oracle Cards by Cheryle Teni

#ITSATUESDAY: 3 December 2019.

Charles Crawshaw: I called Cheryl Teni today, requesting permission for the following:

Charles: “May I take EVERY ONE of your 65 HAPPINESS CARDS as a WORD INQUIRY, and write a blog on each? I will be coming from my INITIATIVE of “GENERATING”, (read more here).

“For each of the 65 cards, I will bring the following context (read more here)”:

Context: “A World of Transformation”

Cheryle Teni: “YES! That will be amazing”
Charles: “Woohoo!”

Our conversation (or DIALOGUE read more here) had her share her passion for her cards, and she even said she wanted to go and ‘door knock’ her community about the power of her cards and herself as a great channel for happiness through her readings! Excellent and wonderful Cheryle!

If you buy a set of her Happiness Cards for AUD$50 (includes postage Australia), you will be delightfully charmed by the choice of PHOTO made for each HAPPY WORD.….beautiful, thoughtful, spectacular, loving are a few words that spring to mind; oh, and “Australia” in all its GLORY! J

I invited Cheryl and/or her daughter/family/friends to “POST” a REPLY to each of the 65 words she designed, at the bottom of each blog so we will have a ‘LIVE FEED” to the source…how much POSITIVE HAPPINESSS can there be??!

As I reviewed the cards….. I burst out laughing with “Crazy”, mmmed with “Peace” , awwwed with “Nature”, and if Precious is my first blog word, then CHERYLE TENI: You are a PRECIOUS WOMAN bringing happiness where sadness has been sleeping! Thank you for being in my life!

How positive have you been recently?


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