Celebrate: Magical moments captured 12 of 65

Celebrate-Magical Moments Captured-12 of 65-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020Celebrate: Magical moments captured 12 of 65

Celebrate is defined as an acknowledgment (a significant or happy day or event) of a social gathering, and certainly highly encouraged in my current Wisdom Unlimited course run online here in Australia. Indeed, between weekend 3 and weekend 4, we were invited to PLAY and have a great life! Urm, given I am age 56 , the word ‘play’ certainly challenges what I think is the NORM of a 56 year old out there ‘playing’! However, I can certainly underline a moment where having great life was celebrated,(read Take Off story here).

From a transformational context read more here), I have had plenty of moments that celebrate my stand for World Peace by 2020 through the media. See Ceasefire Project “Celebrate your victories’ was and is shared well in a few of my Landmark courses, and inquiring now, surely this demonstrates something honourable?

However, if one looks at one’s life from the world of ‘no celebration’, one can observe, perhaps, that life has no challenges. With no challenges, there will never be “a cause for celebration” simply as there hasn’t been any movement in how one is operating in life?

Ironically, it took me getting stabbed (read story here) that had me consider a LIFE SO WORTH CELEBRATING, although wild and reckless celebrations perhaps weren’t the best ways to celebrate, hey Charles?! J



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