RELIABILITY: Being Dependable 10 of 55

Reliability-Being Dependable-10 of 55-WORLD PEACE ON Tuesday 15 September 2020RELIABILITY: Being Dependable 10 of 55

Bringing the world of transformation (read blog here)  to the word ‘reliability’, from these 55 “Medicine Wheel” cards lent to me by my lovely neighbour Cassandra, I know that in all the inquiries; through all my personal development courses run by Landmark Worldwide, (LW), reliability is simply honouring one’s word.

Having participated in the legendary Landmark Forum back in October 1993, I realized that one of my passions in life is discovery and adventure. Indeed, my blogs are focussed on education and learning new things and indeed, sharing what I have learned,(see 36 blogs on accesses to transformation)

It was the Communication programs run by LW that truly reveal the word reliability as an access to being powerful. Someone who honours their word sets a standard that can be measured.

In the Communication Course: Access to Power, back in 1994, we learned making any or all of the following, allowed for an access to someone who is powerful, as a possibility ( None of Landmark’s work is the truth, by the way…it is all about the inquiry).

If who one is one’s word, then consider that an access to “Being Powerful” is to make all or any of the following:

  • Make Promises
  • Make Assertions
  • Make Declarations
  • Make Requests

With that learned, I promised on the 15 September 1995 to stand for World Peace by the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games and to have fire breathers be part of the opening ceremony. Friday 15 September 2000 had me revoke the Peace promise and renew my stand for World Peace “for the next 20 years when we start the Peace Ceremonies”, which I declared on nation news that day,(see )

This year’s 15th September 2020 will complete my stand and now a PROMISE (read promise blog here)  that the United Nation’s (Antonio Guterres-Secretary General) declaration of an IMMEDIATE GLOBAL CEASEFIRE on 23 March 2020 is CAUSED on Tuesday 15 September 2020!

Pass It on! You’re It! #Itsatuesday


The best of health and Peace to you all,


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Pass It On! You’re It!


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