HARMONY: Agreement of Ideas, Feelings or Actions 17 OF 55

HARMONY: Agreement of Ideas, Feelings or Actions 17 OF 55

Harmony: Agreement of Ideas, Feelings, or Actions 17 of 55

Bringing the world of transformation (read transformation blog hereto the word ‘harmony’, from these 55 “Medicine Wheel” cards lent to me by my lovely neighbour Cassandra, I know that in all the inquiries; through all my personal development courses run by Landmark Worldwide, (LW), I declare that distinguishing harmony through my life, especially since I completed my Landmark Forum in 1993, has me be fulfilled and complete (read completion blog here) on a daily basis,  where agreement certainly gives me access to being at peace and in harmony with the world.

Agreement of Ideas

2 October 2022 and WOW, I have just completed famous John Lee’s Social Media and Business Mastery Bootcamp where I completely aligned with John’s commitment to bring WEALTH EDUCATION into our schooling systems and he encouraged all participants to consider that EDUCATION on an ongoing basis really points to a person interested in empowering themselves.

Brilliant, insightful, skilful, profound, entertaining are but a few adjectives that I would describe as my experience of this 3 day course. The amount of USEFUL TOOLS and IDEAS has given me an abundance of work opportunities and indeed provided me with another access to taking on creating a world that works for everyone with no one and nothing left out!

A world that works for everyone and no-one and nothing left out

Agreement of Feelings

Over the weekend, John shared a wonderful and inspiring story where, having observed his parents working so hard in his younger years, (given they ran a Chinese Take Away restaurant in northern England), he was able to GIVE BACK with Gratitude  to his Mum many years later when he flew her first class to a surprise helicopter ride that flew over the grand canyon . It cost $30,000 and he shared a moment on the plane when his mum, thrilled and excited , simply turned and looked at her son . In that moment, John got her pride in having a son, who had demonstrated success where SMART WORK versus HARD WORK was the big difference!  He divulged not until he was around 11 did he really get to see his parents, who put in massive  hour days 6 or  7 days a week!

Given I had a Chinese mother too, I could really relate and sure, harmony was always present when I drove 1 hour each way with mum to visit dear dad who was in hospital dealing with his 3 bouts of chemo therapy. I understood that my both Mum and I were in harmony was we loved Dad so much in our own special way and hey, what an opportunity to embrace the love we had for each other!

Your Mother and I are best friends first. Everything else is a bonus!

Agreement of Actions

HAH, John’s training UNDERLINED ACTIONS and helped us distinguish that if one looks at AN ORDINARY LIFE versus and EXTRAORDINARY LIFE, one can see that the USE of 8 HOURS in each day, can certainly impact living a HARMONIOUS LIFE where the balance of life can be attributed to what one determines as agreeable DAILY ACTIONS that forward one’s successes in life.

How do you spend your time?

John shared his acronym AIDA which is sequentially determined as:


and , as you can see , ends with ACTION. Indeed, he so encouraged us to TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION for everything he taught us over the weekend such that those ‘spare 8 hours’ mentioned above would add to one having a harmonious weekend.

HAH, I so took action and hey, given I make LOVING RECOMMENDATIONS, I encourage all of you into consider taking on one of John’s fantastic online courses .

Indeed, join me for his Membership Profits Mastery Online course  later on in October 2022:

Membership Profits Mastery Course October 2022

In summary, I am so HARMONIOUS with John’s Vison for his excellent education being shared into our school systems around the world and I highly recommend you enjoy some of his REGULAR DAILY POSTS and get inspired to take on one of his course like the one mentioned above.

CLICK HERE and REGISTER:    bit.ly/membershipiskey