AUTHENTICITY: The Truth About It All! 10 of 36

AUTHENTICITY: The Truth About It All!

Well having had an extraordinary birthday only yesterday, I will be REAL and say that I am so present to the love people have for me. My 56th birthday had me engage with over 100 friends and family; either by ‘face to face’ or through social media. THIS YEAR was SO SPECIAL because, thanks to Facebook, (who reminded everyone it was my birthday), I was able to share a “WORLD PEACE BY 2020: PASS IT ON! YOU’RE IT! “GIF, which I had successfully submitted to them recently. For your information, Facebook now has 2.4 BILLION MEMBERS!(….so this message can easily be passed on!!) I have called this particular GIF “A Drop in the Ocean” and it can be found when you search for it as #WP2020. What I LOVE is that the 100 or so friends (who took the time to wish me well) received a THANK YOU from me, plus one of the #WP2020 GIFS! That has to be a clear demonstration of World Peace by 2020, don’t you think?

Authenticity—Being True to Ourselves

From the Integrity seminar with Landmark Worldwide, some 26 years ago, I discovered a great reason to live, for myself. We were sharing about our ‘loves’ in life, and how, when we were busy with the passion, we found ourselves thrilled and fully engaged. I shared that; having been stabbed AND getting a punctured lung, when I was 18 years old; that being true to myself is to demonstrate my love for life itself.

  • Why?
  • Because I so nearly died!

I also shared that; as soon as I had really taken notice of my parents’ grim life during World War II, I saw that MY TRUTH was WORLD PEACE. Therefore to this day, I have been true to my word, I have been authentic.* *See Ceasefire Project

BEING GENUINE – An Access to Being Real

How often do we go about life trying to ‘look good’ or ‘trying to fit in’? I know much of my childhood was spent engaged in seeking approval from my friends and family, only to dismiss their attention, once made! After starting my Landmark Forum in October 1993, I discovered that the more I shared about my life, especially with my mother and father, the more they opened up to me. For the first time for a long time, I stopped ‘saying the right thing’; I shared from my heart and burst into tears more frequently than ever before. Alarmed at first, my English father finally succumbed to my transformation of that ‘stiff upper lip’ persona the British culture reputedly beholds. He was amazed I divulged instances where I clearly broke the law and had just told him! Why? Well Dad was a magistrate in Hong Kong for 20 years. As his eldest son, I kept many secrets from him. Once shared, however, it clearly ‘broke the ice’ between us, so that afterwards, whenever Dad would acknowledge me for good things I had accomplished, no longer was I saying to myself ‘Yes but, he wouldn’t say this if he saw me yesterday when I was…..”.

SILENCE – One Access to Lying

“Ooh I never lie!” I said mischievously! Well certainly with all my training and development, I clearly know that if I am ever ‘out of integrity’ with myself or others, there is a lie I haven’t uncovered.  The power to restore one’s integrity certainly comes with ‘being in communication’. Any silence around the matter is perhaps another form of deceit as nothing is said, so therefore one can not be judged.

  • “Aaah, well maybe that’s why you hold back sometimes Charles?”
  • “ Sure and well, I always look at THE COST of holding back. Is it worth it? How important is this to you? They won’t know anyway!”

It all comes to one’s relationship with one’s integrity perhaps?! Personally, I know don’t operate with power, if I am out of integrity with myself.

Authenticity – The Quality of Being Real or True

Fundamentally, I have learned, over the years, that so long as I maintain my authenticity around my passions in life by being open, vulnerable and “ready to share” with whoever will listen, I really have a sense of power as I am being true to myself. With that experience, I operate happily in life and hey, maybe I have taken on living a World Peace by 2020 life! Pass it On! You’re it!




In the relatively new course run by Landmark Worldwide; the “Be Here Now seminar”, we were asked to consider that responsibility starts with a willingness to be cause in the matter. Looking at the opposite, I saw that it was much easier to absolve myself whenever I wanted to avoid awkward or difficult circumstances. The so-called ‘easy way out’ was definitely something I used to use to avoid responsibility.


Today is September 10, 2019; my birthday! I am celebrating by sharing this piece of taking on RESPONSIBILITY; WORLD PEACE BY 2020! For those of you who don’t know, I started the Ceasefire Project on the 15th September 1995 (The Causing of World Peace through the use of FIRE). 5 years to the date, I was interviewed ‘LIVE” on National New Zealand Television News. I introduced my brother, who opened the Sydney Olympic Games with the Bush Fire element, and what came out of my mouth was the words: “So we really are committed to cause World Peace for one day and we are declaring it as the 15th September for the next 20 years….”

For 19 years I have been standing for World Peace and I saw that I could take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for not causing World Peace today with 3 months to go so I have broadcasted my apology! I am sorry.


What has been remarkable, having taken responsibility for the conversation called World Peace by 2020, which I have been honouring for almost 20 years, is that I feel relaxed and complete. The fact I have declared my public apology has had me know that anyone YOUNGER than me has FULL PERMISSION to have myself and all people my age and older BE RESPONSIBLE for all the wars on this planet today. My invitation is to consider us ‘Elders’ have failed you. What I can say is that I have taken ownership for the conversation.


Last night I was sharing in my weekly 2 hours on Monday night’s “Tools and Practices” Zoom link in my current Wisdom Unlimited Course about the NEW FEELING I had, now that I had apologised for the current circumstances on the planet around Peace. This lead to a ‘dialogue’ among many of us ‘elders’, noting the ‘youth of today’ as perhaps feeling entitled. With “entitled” being defined as “believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment”, one could say that there is no responsibility taken with any of the current state of global affairs, for example. Sure the evidence is there for wars and climate change, and yes, some youth have taken action. However, consider the fact anyone feeling ‘entitled’ has not taken on being an authority on the matter at hand, with no action justifying their claim.

RESPONSIBILITY: Authority, Control, Power, Leadership, Management, Influence, Duty

Defined as the state or fact:

1.Of having a duty to deal with something.

2. Of having control over someone.

3. Of being accountable.

4. To blame for something.

I can see for myself that every time I take responsibility of any matter in my life, I know that people have then got the ability to relate to me as my word around it. What opens up , as a result, is myself being a clearing for contribution, (the good and the bad) . What I have found over the years, is that I rarely blame anyone for anything occurring around me as I look at my breakdowns in communication, thwarted intentions and unfulfilled expectation and I take charge. It leaves me with ‘being cause in the matter’ versus being ‘at the mercy of something or someone’. As for the conversation: “World Peace by 2020: Pass It On! You’re It! ; I take full responsibility and I invite you to PASS IT ON!  Urm,,.but Charles, that’s passing on responsibility! Aaah good point and hey, I didn’t start it; young Reuben (aged 10) suggested I play it (World Peace by 2020) as a game, where responsibility is all over the place! Too Funny! Peace be with you!


COMPLETION: An “ONGOING” Access To Power (8 of 36)

Final Jigsaw piece COMPLETES the picture
COMPLETION: An “ONGOING” Access To Power (8 of 36)

Whenever I hear the word “Completion”, I immediately recall numerous occasions where I had thought I was ‘complete’ about something in my past, only to realise that; the fact that I feel a ‘charge’ now,  means I am incomplete!

One of the most beautiful outcomes for myself in participating in Landmark Worldwide’s courses for over 10 years is the fact that I ‘got and keep getting complete’ with my parents! Indeed, over the years, I discovered that the act of ‘being complete’ is an ongoing process.


Completion is defined as the action or process of finishing something; the state of being finished. Whenever I would call my parents up, especially when I was participating in one of my personal development courses, I would ‘open up’ and ‘share’ with my parents about moments I remembered (especially as a child) that impacted my life and how they were involved. I ‘got complete’ about that ‘train station’ moment, the ‘Lord of the Rings’ story and many many more!

ONGOING PROCESS: Never complete as a possibility?

The most interesting part of ‘getting complete’ is that it would only ‘be in the moment’ until another thought or moment arises. Sure, if a thought arose in my head during or even after any of my ‘self discoveries’ , I would get on the phone and ‘get complete’, especially if I saw I had ‘withheld’ anything with the person(s) involved. Regarding my parents, I would often call them during one of my weekend courses and I would say: “Hi Mum and Dad, do you remember the time when……” and I would share about all the thoughts and feelings I had for that moment with them. Some “back and forth” between us would finally have me be very happy I had shared my story with them. Eventually, one of the cutest parts of this process was when I called my parents in Brisbane from my courses in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Having divulged with Dad I was doing the xxx course right now, my father’s first words were: “Oh God son, what have I said or done now?!!”

TAKE AWAY: A key fact, point, or idea to be remembered, typically one emerging from a discussion or meeting.

 Given my love for people and humanity, I totally recommend getting into communication with the people you love on a regular basis and take on “getting complete” whenever it arises. Consider that the courage it may take will, at the very least, have you be complete. More importantly, perhaps, is that whilst you may have gotten complete at the moment; know that a NEW INCOMPLETION with that person is always possible!

Pass It On! You’re It!


THIS IS IT: Past, Present, Future ALL EXPRESSED (7 of 36)

THIS IS IT: Past, Present, Future ALL EXPRESSED (7 of 36)

PAST: October 1993

I participated in The Landmark Forum in October 1993 when I was 30 years old. During the 3 days, (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), I really looked at my past 30 years of life and noted 3 significant moments in my childhood, (read about those ontological moments here) that shaped who I was. I discovered that I thought I was ‘unlovable’ and a ‘failure’ and how I compensated for these inadequacies was to be independent, funny and brave. On Sunday, having really distinguished the past as the past (30 years), I was left with a wide-open future!

PRESENT: 26 years later

I am currently in between Weekend 3 and Weekend 4 with the Wisdom Unlimited Downunder Course, also run by Landmark Worldwide. During Weekend 3, one of the tools and practices we undertook was to share our dreams. Once shared, we were then asked to look at dreams from various standpoints:

  1. Highly unlikely that the dream…..
  2. What is stopping you with the dream?
  3. If there was a magic wand, what would the dream look like?
  4. What could you bring to have it (the dream) to be workable?

Well, one of my dreams is to cause World Peace by 2020, (started 26 years ago after the Advanced Course)

  1. I saw it is highly unlikely that it will occur, giving evidence with what our media let us know about the state of the world every day.
  2. What is stopping me is finding a SUCCESSFUL BREAKTHROUGH, where ALL 195 Countries get on the same page and stand for World Peace by 2020.
  3. If the magic wand was waved, our world would operate as one; for the brilliance of humanity in nurturing MOTHER EARTH and other planets.

By changing them (who are making weapons of mass destruction) to produce machinery of vast production, needed for the ever-increasing number of natural disasters on this planet.

This dream exploration has really opened up new worlds for me around causing World Peace by 2020, however, this may look! What has been remarkable since the weekend (August 16, 17, 18 2019), I discovered an amazing accomplishment: FACEBOOK is forwarding World Peace by 2020: Pass it On! You’re It! Search for a GIF #WP2020 and you will see several gifs that I have made and SUCCESSFULLY SUBMITTED! Thank you, Facebook indeed! PASS IT ON! You’re It!

FUTURE : Dreams can come true!

Hmm…off I go into Visions of Utopia and “Happily Ever Afters” which one could say is pointless? Is it? What is the future you are living into Charles? Great question! I know I have taken various stands since October 1993, which has shaped how I live and operate in the world each day. However, that ‘ever-pervasive’ past is always there, to raise its little head, and remind me that I am human; in having such thoughts of inadequacies, failures, and disappointments. So what now?


Consider how often one is seeking or looking for a future that may or may not happen. Look at all the action one takes ‘IN ORDER TO’ blah blah blah. Perhaps if one takes stock of who one is RIGHT NOW, one could really smell the roses ( see earlier blog). So dwelling in the space of “THIS IS IT” during my Wisdom Unlimited Course and undertaking explorations to engage in between weekend 3 and weekend 4, one exploration is to “Play and Have a Great Life!” with a course experiment to do one anonymous good deed every day. WOW, now aged 55, the simple act of PLAYING has really reminded me of the joy of life I am having and as for the experiment, well I am not telling!  TEE HEE!


EMPTY AND MEANINGLESS: Now What? (6 of 36)

EMPTY AND MEANINGLESS: An Inquiry into the meaning of life!? 6 of 36

AMAZING! After 3 days of SERIOUS ONTOLOGY (The study of BEING) with my Landmark Forum back in 1993, our room inquired into the meaning of LIFE??!!  “Love, Happiness, Joy” we shouted! “Fulfilment, Satisfaction, Making A Difference” were added. I remember it was a captivating inquiry of what oneself and fellow human beings believed to be the right way to live life. The argument was STRONG!

Inquiry 1.                        

EMPTY and MEANINGLESS as an access………

Examine life as empty and meaningless?!

“Whoa, huh, how can you? “ I said to myself as the inquiry began.  The arguments were solid about having a great life where love was present and that you were happy. Back and forth we went until we could finally be with the thought to review… is empty and meaningless. “But, but , but” finally quietened as we tried on the consideration.


Standing in “Empty and Meaningless”, I saw I could really create anything to put onto this “Blank Canvas”. Who could I be that would give me having a meaningful life? Aaah but Charles; there’s that meaning again! Wow, I saw this crazy inquiry as a massive opening for myself. “If life is empty and meaningless, who could I be?” , ”Who did I want to be?”, “What can I create for my life, in this space of empty and meaningless?”

TAKING A STAND as an access…….

  • I am standing to cause World Peace by 2020 though as many means as possible.
  • I stand for Women and Men being equal everywhere on this planet.
  • I stand for Women being Leaders everywhere through their natural and nurturing instincts.

Hmmmm, there’s a few that I subconsciously honour and yes Charles, what about a few closer to home; something more personal?

“OK I am a stand for a fantastic and loving relationship with a lady who wants to start a family with me. Born in 1963, I have a great deal of experience on what a loving relationship can be so I look forward to the relationship as an access to surpass what has already been some truly magnificent times with my past partners.”

Inquiry 2.

“Empty and meaningless and it is empty and meaningless that it is empty and meaningless!”

Ahh well now contemplate that this is all empty and meaningless and it is empty and meaningless that it is empty and meaningless; what then? Fascinating once more as we argued that life itself is meaningful!

Are you saying that human beings are attached to meanings?! With that last inquiry, I was truly left with nothing! Too much meaning already!

I remember leaving that October Landmark Forum on Sunday night elated, thrilled and excited. A whole new outlook on life opened up for me. Bless Landmark Worldwide, as I have never looked back! Too much meaning I joke!


SHARING: An Access to Self Transformation 5 of 36

SHARING: An Access to Self Transformation 5 of 36


1.   Breakthrough In Communication

2.   Being A World Citizen

1.   Breakthrough In Communication

“Well I never saw that coming!” is what I said to myself after I had just called my mother and father during my Landmark Forum back in 1993. I had been sitting in a room of some 200 participants and we were inquiring into our lives and how we had become the way we were……Consider there are moments in your childhood that has profoundly impacted your life…….aah… when I was 13 years old and flying to an English boarding school…see more here.

Saturday 23 October 1993 (Landmark Forum) at around 3pm: 


  • Charles: “Hey Mum and Dad, do you remember that time when I was left alone at Victoria Train Station, London when I left Hong Kong?”
  • Magistrate Father Tony: “Of course son, we even looked at suing the company for failing in their duties of taking care of an unaccompanied minor!”
  • Charles: (To himself……wow I never knew?!)
  • ” Well Mum and Dad, I am doing this course right now and I want to let you that ever since that moment, I thought that you didn’t love me.”
  • English Father(surprised) : What is the name of the course, who runs it?
  • Chinese Mother Shu Man (surprised) : “What are you saying? How dare you say that! We always love you. You think we love your brother more but NO we love you the same! Trouble is….you never listen!”
  • Charles: (Starting to cry)  
  • To Dad: “ It’s called the ‘Landmark Forum’ and it’s run by a company called Landmark Education, Head office in San Francisco.”
  • To Mum: “Mum I so thought you loved Felix more!”
  • Mum (angry): “How dare you, after all we’ve done, how can you, how can you?”
  • Charles (balling)
  • “ I am so sorry Mum and Dad that I have been pushing your love away. I never believed you loved me because I thought you always loved my brother more!”
  • Dad(Startled) : “Urm son I don’t like this lovey dovey stuff, here is your mother.
  • Mum: “Are you OK, where are you?”
  • Charles: “I am fine Mum, thanks, my break is ending soon so I need to be back in the room. Bye”

As I walked back into the room, I was struck by the SHARING OF MYSELF with my parents. It opened up “ALL OF US” to a whole NEW LEVEL OF COMMUNICATION… sharing truly EXPANDED our FAMILY.

2.   Being A World Citizen

My sharing of “network of conversations” around:


Has reached FACEBOOK and I publically thanked them today!

For your information, I have been “BRANDING” many many pictures ONLINE, over the year with:


(*The “Pass It On! You’re It!” came from a 10 year old Australian called Reuben)

As a result:


YOU WILL SEE the BLUE so called “DROP IN THE OCEAN” #WP2020 GIF!”  


It shows the Words:


Being spelled


Behind a girl

Who has just dived into a beautiful blue swimming pool.

Thank you (Facebook) and LOVE from a WORLD CITIZEN #WP2020

ARE YOU ONE? If yes, please consider PASSING THIS ON! Smiley Face World Citizen! #WP2020


GETTING OFF IT!- An Access to SOMETHING NEW!( 4 of 36)

Two people getting off it by jumping

When you can recall times where you were STUCK, or you were being POSITIONAL about anything in your life, consider that this ‘FIXED WAY OF BEING”  LIMITS what is possible for you. How many times have you ‘held your ground’, ‘put up your defences’ or simply just wanted ‘to be right’? What is it like? How does it feel? Have you noticed the amount of FREEDOM you have when you are this way?

I remember when I participated in the Landmark Forum back in 1993; this inquiry was introduced to us on Friday: It was called RACKETS! They used to describe it as ‘a way of doing or having plus a persistent complaint ‘and wow, did I have a few!

 “I never have enough time!”,

 “I never have enough money!” and

“No one understands me!”

were all complaints I had with myself with so much proof, you would find it hard to argue with me! It was fascinating for me, as I could so easily JUSTIFY and GIVE EVIDENCE for each of these three” rackets” mentioned above.

“Look at how busy I am?”

 “Check out my bank account” and

“Do I have to repeat myself?” were all comments I would to say to myself or even out loud!

WHAT IS THE COST      (of these persistent complaints)

Great question: Having dwelt in this inquiry and having now distinguished that I know these are ‘fixed ways of being’, I have also learned what it costs me,( to have and honour these complaints  that  I have had with myself!).

  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Full Self Expression
  • Freedom
  • Vitality

are all words that spring to mind. In the course, I really discovered the IMPACT these conversations made on myself, my family and my friends. Yikes……but how often did I want to be right? How often did I dominate a conversation by being so set in my ways! It was such an eye-opener!


Hah, the beauty of THIS REVEAL is I can now choose to ‘stand down’!

I can distinguish my persistent complaint and TAKE ACTION! Whoa…..what does that look like for you now Charles? Well this ‘distinction based training’ really has opened up a whole new world where my righteousness is not required. Taking stands, being in action and getting off it are all accesses I have today to create A NEW WAY OF BEING! Maybe the continual PRACTICE of GETTING OFF IT is an access to the TRANSFORMATION for YOU where LOVE, JOY and HAPPINESS are all consequences that result in this skill!


PARTICIPATION – “On The Court” or “In The Stands” (3 of 36)

PARTICIPATION – “On The Court” or “In The Stands” (3 of 36)

One of the “Transformation words” I am discovering is the word: Participation. Defined as “the action of taking part in something” has myself marvel at my level of participation in my communities. How often do I choose to not ‘get involved’ and operate from the sidelines with thoughts/feelings and comments; which are all separate from the actual action.

“Being On The Court”

When one is ‘on the court’ , one is really engaging in whatever arises, with the actions taken being because one is participating. There is never any doubt, when one is participating, about the results that are caused. “Lights, Camera, Action” is definitely an invite for joining in and taking participation to the next level.

“In the Stands”

A classic inquiry in my Landmark Forum about being “in the stands”. How often do we ‘sit on our hands’ and refrain from getting on the court and getting amongst it! The relative ease one has to ‘comment’ from the stands,( with one’s thoughts and opinions) makes no difference if no action is personally taken. Consider it is often MUCH EASIER to be in the stands versus on the court!

Consider when one:

  • gets involved,  
  • takes part, 
  • engages, 
  • contributes,
  • shares, 
  • associates, 
  • partakes, 
  • joins in

life itself, you are taking on transformation for yourself and it may even impact others! Now how cool is that to know, and therefore get off the stands and get on the court declaring: I AM IN!



CONTRIBUTION: Yet Another “Source Word” for TRANSFORMATION (2 0f 36)

CONTRIBUTION: Yet Another “Source Word” for TRANSFORMATION (2 0f 36)

Contribution: “a gift or payment to a common fund or collection”. Observing parts of my life where I am a contribution to others, (and myself), I know that it enhances and nurtures my heart. I am consistently left with gratitude for life itself, especially if my contribution is so well received and that it indeed ‘TOUCHES, MOVES and INSPIRES!”; as they say at Landmark Worldwide!

I am currently participating in my consecutive Wisdom Course Down Under, and I learned to consider how we treat words as OBJECTS. If the spoken word ‘DISAPPEARS” once said, then how come we hold on to them as if they were an object? How come we store the good and bad comments in different compartments in our heads, only to RECALL them at any time of the DAY or NIGHT?

“OK Charles, so what about this network of conversations called “World Peace by 2020: Pass It On! You’re It!”, where does that come into your life around CONTRIBUTION and how does this fit with these words as being OBJECTS?

“Aah great question!” said Charles , enthusiastically.

TODAY 23 August 2019 : “I was speaking to a lovely 19 year old “Year of the Rat” Ocean Shores Tavern Barmaid called Lys, who was making me a “Dirty Soy Chai Latte” for the opening night of the Ocean Shores Art Expo. I was wearing my World Peace by 2020 Name Badge and started talking about my stand for World Peace by 2020 which started 15 September 1995. One thing lead to another until I actually spoke that “NETWORK of CONVERSATION” called “World Peace by 2020: Pass It On! You’re It!”

She (Lys) suddenly remarked “Oh that’s you! I see THAT SIGN on the side of the road and DRIVE BY IT EVERY DAY!

She (Lys) suddenly remarked “Oh that’s you! I see THAT SIGN on the side of the road and DRIVE BY IT EVERY DAY!

Hah, what a CONTRIBUTION to know she has absorbed those words (as an object) and STORED IT like an object. Remarkable, lovely and indeed do “PASS IT ON”; like the 10 year old boy called Reuben(see above) said to me (as a CONTRIBUTION to forward the conversation for World Peace by 2020). It was his thought of the conversation as a GAME, where you get TAGGED with the words! 🙂 Ahhh Wisdom AT PLAY!





From that, on Monday afternoon straight after the course, Reuben (aged 10) came to my door THRILLED to share his latest escapades at Brunswick Heads Public School, Northern New South Wales, (The current escapade is when he puts his Blue “Year of the Ox” World Peace by 2020 name badge on; see )

Extraordinary is what I can say about last weekend’s Wisdom Course Downunder” run by my favourite personal development company; Landmark Worldwide. Within the 24 hours (starting Friday afternoon and ending Sunday Evening) , one of my big takeaways until the next weekend on October 11,12,13 is making my INITIATIVE for my life as “BEING GENERATIVE”.

Reuben: “Charles I did it!”     

Charles: “What happened?”

Reuben: “I WORE THE BADGE again today and also the ‘bum bag’ (‘fanny pack’)

(The small bag is filled with 40 colourful laminated “beer mat” size “World Peace by 2020” fliers)

Reuben: “BUT THIS TIME, I didn’t make a song and dance about them.”

Reuben: “I just walked around all day. “

Reuben: “ and no one bullied me!”

Reuben: “Then kids would then come up to me and ask what was in the bag?”

Reuben: “I would take a deep breath ( turn, saying to myself “Bold and Brave”)

Reuben: “and say…….”

Reuben: “These are World Peace by 2020 badges, which colour do you want?

Reuben (PROUDLY): “I got rid of them all!”

MY INSIGHT:I saw from that moment that I had been “BEING GENERATIVE” with Reuben, BEFORE Monday and , as he was sharing, I observed that perhaps it was “THE LISTENING I PROVIDE “ which gives a clearing for GENERATIVE CONVERSATIONS that Produce and Create.

THAT SAID , I Enthusiastically Invite you to


as you read the following list of synonyms for the word,


to see whether you have a


for some of the ways to you can and have GENERATED YOURSELF:

  • cause,
  • give rise to,
  • lead to,
  • result in,
  • bring about,
  • bring into being,
  • create,
  • make,
  • produce,
  • initiate,
  • engender,
  • spawn,
  • sow the seeds of,
  • occasion,
  • effect,
  • originate,
  • bring to pass,
  • bring on,
  • precipitate,
  • prompt,
  • provoke,
  • kindle,
  • trigger,
  • spark off,
  • touch off,
  • stir up,
  • whip up,
  • induce,
  • inspire,
  • promote,
  • foster,
  • conjure

CHARLES: “Finally, consider “changes which are likely to generate controversy” so do share if anything has opened up for you, after reading this and know you will have GENERATED AN ANSWER if you answer this question! Thank you and WORLD PEACE BY 2020 to you and your family. Charles Crawshaw